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Anyone here installs windows for a living, if so what are some tips you have to a greenhorn?
I just got hired to do it but I have no experience whatsoever, how fucked am I?

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>what are some tips

If you're under the age of 30 you probably need to be told to put your goddamned phone away.

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I need the phone to watch youtube videos and ask chatgpt how to do the job.

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lurking for advice on how to properly measure a window to find a replacement

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Window flashing tape along the bottom of the rough opening. Put the window in the rough opening. Shim it plumb and square to the building. Don't let it fall. Pop some screws into the framing through the side where nobody will see 'em. Use the flange if it has one. Make sure that the window opens and closes properly. If it doesn't adjust your screws and shims maybe. Go outside and put window flashing tape along the sides; start low and work your way up to shed water properly. Some people leave the bottom untaped. I don't care if you do it or not. Go back inside and spray expanding foam around the whole thing. While it dries, go outside and trim out the window. Go back inside and cut off any excess foam if there is any. Trim out the window inside. Make sure (again) that the window opens and closes properly. Clean up after yourself.

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measure the size of the opening, find the replacement window that is the size of the opening in lowes and buy it

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very nearly have it. if you want it AAMA-compliant, you need to apply exterior sealant to the back side of the nail fin before you send your screws home. if you have a block frame window, dob sealant in under your screw heads before sending them.
get a friend to help. goes much faster with 1 guy inside, 1 guy outside.

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Thanks. According to the employer the work is done in teams of two so I'll have someone to learn from I think.

From 1 to 10 how hard would you say the job is?

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can anyone show with pictures this window job in OP to finish?
I have some shitty t1-11 sided house like this and need to replace some t1-11 and put some new windows in but I'm not sure how to do "bomber" flashing. everything is wooden now with brickmold trim. The old retards didn't maintain the wood frames and painted over it before I bought it and now the evil(rot) is showing its face

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how comfortable are you with heights and a ladder?

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Pretty comfortable.

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>just got hired to do it
if you got hired by a company as an installer they'll fucking teach you you fucking retard. if you got "hired" by your mom watch a youtube video you chucklefuck. windows are simple af: size shim screw foam trim.

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you just trim it caulk it paint it

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>I need the phone to watch youtube videos
kids don't watch youtube anymore, they use tiktok for everything now

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>if you got hired by a company as an installer they'll fucking teach you
Yes I got hired by an actual company and I sure hope you're right and it is a monkey see monkey do type of job otherwise I'm fucked.

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Number one rule: don’t crack the PVC. They tend to crack in the corners most frequently. It should not be forced into the opening.
Customers complaining about cracked corners are a bitch, you’re gonna hate callbacks, and your boss is gonna make you hate them too even if you don’t at first.

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>Customers complaining about cracked corners are a bitch

Customers expecting non-retarded work that they pay top dollar for are NOT A BITCH retard.

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How hard it is depends a lot on whether you are doing new construction or replacement, and if it's replacement, whether you are replacing traditional frames (and what kind of exterior wall they're in) or if you are doing vinyl retrofit windows where old school aluminum frame windows are...
The latter is moron simple.
New construction is also fairly simple except for every faggot on the jobsite will insist he knows better than you, code, and the manufacturer how it should be done. And that includes the inspectors.

Replacement where you have to fit a new window in an old hole, make modifications to siding and trim, integrate the unit and new flashing with existing weatherproofing and make it all look seamless requires some skill to do right and not have callbacks...it's not rocket science but you have to be able to think on your feet; ma y windows only get replaced after years of leaks that mean extra work just to get the framing back in order before you can just pop the unit in...also older buildings often have settling and other issues that complicate window and door installation because nothing is square or plumb and you have to know how to make things work anyway.

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Fucking A, brothers. Thanks a bunch for all the advice, I spent like 2h watching people explaining in detail how to do it and honestly it doesn't seem that hard but I'm sure when I'm on the field there will always be something to make things more complicated.

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>put the frame with glass in all at once
do americans really?

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everything here is prepackaged presized precut prenup premade for maximum throughput, quality be damned

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Its a fixed picture window that's glazed at the factory under optimal conditions...there zero advantage in either ease of handling or installation to glaze it in the field (it would be much riskier and more difficult) and field glazing will never achieve the quality level achievable under controlled factory conditions.
>do Americans really?

Know how to design, manufacture and install modern energy efficient unified picture windows that don't need a grumpy old fart with a leather apron and wire rimmed glasses to show up and seal in the glass in using a mixture of beeswax, stone dust and cow dung?

Yes, they do.

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Circumcision bros...