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What should I do with it bros?

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Cask of Amontillado yourself

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Go ahead and pump it out, then tell the homeowner that his septic tank is good for another 5-10 years.

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I am the homeowner.
House is at least 100 years old at a guess. Think it is septic as I've seen two pipes leading into the tank, but it wouldn't have been used in a long time.

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It probably sterilized itself then.
Looks like medævial brick/arch technology.
Nice find. Take full advantage. It’s grandfathered into the codes of the time, (like none, nobody had to be forced into making good quality stuff)

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It can sterilise itself?
Reckon it'd be safe to use it for something?
Had a Google but all I found were Reddit freaks and libtards saying no.

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>Found a underground bunker in my garden

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> Looks like medævial brick/arch technology
Could be post 1900s brick just as well. At least where I live pre 1900s bricks are a lot rounder at the edges and the concave grout joints also indicate more recent work

You could probably store water in there but I wouldn’t trust the sediment so you may want to get that out first

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Yeah would be a mammoth task.
Only know that the house is at least 100 years old as one of the neighbours has bullet holes from their gaff being strafed in the war.

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Wine celler and name the wine Septic Sanctuary Sip or Septic Reserve.

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Seconding this answer.

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looks like a cave in waiting to happen, I'd fill it if I was you

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Make a frog pond.

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That's an old cesspool.

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Make it into a root cellar.

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Ring up the gong scourer, guv

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throw a bunch of predatory eels in there

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Kidnap children and store them in there.

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This. It is a cistern.

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why would you do that? children are terrible, why would you hoard them?
t.has two

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Rainwater collection is making a come-back. Now that they poison all the city water. And charge too damn much for the 'favor'.

Even out here west by god virginia, they poison the water at the local district. And yes, the bosses house has a cistern (farm doesn't, but there was nothing here cept free gas). I was just fixing it up the other day.

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What's above it? I'd be concerned about it collapsing.

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Cool, get it pumped out.
I'd pipe in my gutters to it and then you have free water for irrigation of your lawn and garden in the summer.
>you do have a garden, right?

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clean it out, treat it with something so its water tight, run electric, add a vent out the top for air, add furniture. now you have another bedroom and your house value goes up fifty thousand dollars.

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>get it pumped out.
>pipe in my gutters to it
Make up your mind.

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Feed it eggs.

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The rainwater is already poisoned anon, the only option is to filter it yourself.

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>Filter it yourself
Urine isn't as good for you as they make it out to be

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If you pressure wash it from the outside and then pump out all the water most of the loose sediment should be gone after a few times. Let it dry out completely for a while. Then fill it to the brim with water and some sanitising agent, leave for a few weeks and remove it. Remaining solids aren’t that dangerous because if they were water soluble they’d be gone already. Good enough to collect rainwater for plants, or as input to a drinking water filtration system

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If you pump the water out, you could make it into a cellar of sorts, but document and take photos of anything you find personally if >>2800095 or >>2800123 are right. It could be an interesting historical find.

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I had a friend whose parents found a thing like this. It was full of old WW2 mortar shells or landmines or something and the EOD took weeks excavating the entire property to clean them all out

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why does everyone else find all this cool shit in their back yards? all I've found is a sewer pipe.

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dump all your trash and turds in it to fuck with the person who buys the land from you next

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