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there's this metal cable that I'm sure is what let's electricity travel through the house. there's no power in three rooms out of 4 in the 2nd level of my house. I tried taping the cable to the wall but it won't stick. what should i do?

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is it a co ax cable?

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>what should i do?
Call an electrician, tard

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I ain't got no money

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it blows my mind how many people use electricity 24/7 but view it as some sort of sorcery that they could never comprehend. figure it out dumbass, shit's not complicated

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you really think he should mess with electricity if he has trouble attaching a cable to a wall?

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Live in the 4th room idiot. Or fuck with something you don't understand and die.

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yes, it would be funny

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OP here. is being an electrician really dangerous? do men actually die working that job? very terrible death but I thought things would be more safe

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Like most dangerous jobs, it's only dangerous if you or the people around you are being retarded. Follow safety procedures and you'll be just fine. Well, unless someone else nearby goes full retard.

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If you're broke follow the wire and take pictures of where the wires go and upload them. My place has a 50 amp panel and I had a brown out that blew out almost every outlet on the first floor. There was a junction box under the house I had to replace. I had to get an electrician to help me by paying him weed, and we had to pull the meter. All of the power loops out to the garage and we had to cut out a couple power boxes and wire in a new one.

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>co ax
coaxial is one word
and no, given the age of that roof, it looks like old BX cable
OP is correct, it's the electrical wiring.

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It's probably fine to staple it into the wall

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well the wires are inside the walls and I'm pretty sure they go into the basement, these pictures are from the basement.

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that shits like a hundred years old. and its all explosed cloth wiring. don't touch it because it could just crumble apart and cause more problems.
thats sucks man.

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that shit vintage tho... would an electrician be able to maintain this for cheap instead of replacing it

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no. that needs to be replaced or at least heavily modified. all the stuff thats accessible anyways.

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>would an electrician be able to maintain this for cheap instead of replacing it
No trustworthy electrician would suggest any course of action other than replacing that.

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It's like a fuse: One spark is all it takes. It's paper, tar and cloth.

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it can kill you

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Do you squat in a condemned building?

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so figure out where the 3 rooms split off from the rest, that's the junction box where the problem is. then fuck with white side to see if the wire ends are apart. the white side shouldn't hurt anything if it gets fucked up - the black is hot and you don't want to touch metal or the white side when fucking with black.

if things are on in the three rooms that are dead (e.g. the lights or a fan switched on) then fucking with the wires might cause them to spark. ideally turn everything off, but don't be surprised if there is some draw and it sparks when you're fucking with the blacks. ideally there will either be a clear visual problem with the white or black side or fucking with the white side will fix it.

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also it looks like all your outlets would be two slots, no 3rd hole. if that's not the case there is a cheap tester you can use to help diagnose what is fucked.

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the 1800s were fucking based. they had live electricity in table cloths so you could just place lamps and shit. none of this fucking gfci pussy shit, you could legit kys with a toaster in the tub if you didn't die from the exposed wires everywhere first.