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are solar eclipse glasses safe to use for welding?

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yeah why not

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These were safe enough to get your mom not pregnant.

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You just have weak sperm.

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Solar eclipse glasses are safe enough for the brief time that you use them. Over time welding though they will get scratched and burn through. What they are is a plastic film with a metal coating on them.

Real number 11 Walters classes are much more durable it is attenuated by the composition of the glass and can't be scratched off.

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Your face will burn

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I am kind of an expert in this field.
...a decent pair should block UV. UV is also the main problem with welding.

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You're going to be limited by the equivalent shade value. Solar glasses are rated pretty high (minimum shade 14 is required for solar viewing). A piece of welding glass is like $5, so why bother?

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fuck it, it's only your eyes

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AvE did a video about this a few years ago where he tested regular safety glasses and surprisingly they blocked out the UV completely. Turns out it's the actual glass in the welding glass that does the heavy lifting blocking UV, the tint is just for the brightness of the arc.
You'd be retarded not to just buy a proper welding mask though

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Absolutely not.

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until they melt, get broken or a spark hits them. that shit is really fragile

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The tint blocks IR, it is also vital or you literally cook your retinas. Less likely to get cancer from it but you go blind all the same.

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Absolutely not. That said, the guy who showed me how to weld just squinted his eyes

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I doubt it. i have seen moon crickets tape cardboard around a cell phone put the whole thing on a popsicle stick and use that, led in the screens have a limited range, but the leds in the camera also have a limited range.
gooks that make shipping containers put the face mask on a stick like some eyes wide shut.

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You're running on all cylinders to come up with that one. No pic. No meme? Just 'bla bla bla, i'm not creative'.


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Even if they block UV, which they likely do, the rest of your face is still exposed to UV. Keep in mind how welding masks cover your whole face.
That is because if they did not, your face would get tanned first, then you get a sunburn. Because that is what UV does.
It's also ionizing radiation, so cancer potentially comes free with that.

So...don't. Some of those welding masks are cheap AF anyways.

ESL, sorry for that.

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don't matter I'm brown

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Wow, that's actually brilliant. Definitely the best option.

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You won't see shit, they're literally black plastic bags on a cardboard frame

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They do it because they don't know better. Wasting a hand holding a shield prevents that hand from bracing your gun or stinger for improved precision.

Welding helmets are cheap and leave your hand free to hold a part in place while tack welding even if you don't care about bracing.

Picrel bug is welding with wire on a horizontal surface which is the easy way to fab that particular part. Even my local log trailer builder does that and flips the trailers with a fork lift to ensure every weld that can be made horizontally is (appearance matters to customers).

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Technically, yes, for a short amount of time.They're the equivalent of shade 12-14. You'd need to find a way to cover your face and protect the glasses from the heat so they don't melt.

Realistically, no. 14 is high as fuck you probably won't see shit. Shade 11-12 mask glass is cheap as fuck. You can use that and make a face shield with cardboard.

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Yes, if you are an observer from a distance outside of the spark zone.

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You could also wear them under a welders helmet.

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Minimum 40ft distance