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The Morning Glory Seeds can be obtained at most plant nurseries.
2-200 cc. of petroleum ether
3-Small piece of window screen or a strainer.
4-A couple of large glasses.
5-One cookie try (old on to never be used again).
6-260 cc. of wood alcohol (call your local drug store).
7-Capsule containers (jel)
Lets get started:
1. Grind up about 170 grams of Morning Glory Seeds.
2. In 145 cc of petroleum ether, soak the seeds for two or three days.
3. With screen, filter the liquid thru it and save the seed mush and allow
it to dry completely.
4. Let the mush soak in 130 cc. of wood alcohol.
5. Filter solution again only. Save the liquid in a large glass jar.
6. Soak the seed mush again in 130 cc. of wood alcohol for two more days.
7. Filter out the mush and keep the liquid. Now, get the liquid that was
saved in step 5.
8. Now, pour both liquids in a cookie tray and let it dry.
9. When all the liquid has dried, a yellowish gummy looking substance will
appear on the cookie sheet.
10. Take the yellow gum and put these in to capsules.

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