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Help me choose an MCU that allows me to create a portable music player that allows me to use DAC with i2s and listen to the most used audio files: MP3, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, APE, FLAC, MP, APE, WAV, OGG and OPUS

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Why? Literally just buy some cheap mp3 player off Amazon or ebay. Or use your phone like every normal person.

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I'd like to do some weekend projects, just for fun

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Almost any MCU would do, what you want is a decoding chip and flashmemory.

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Spamming /diy/ with your retarded questions isn't fun enough?

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this, I'd say go with a board and pick one with SD card support done already, this way the plrocess of getting files onto the device is going to be way easier and you can just focus on getting sounds out of it

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>what you want is a decoding chip and flashmemory

Potete suggerirmene uno che supporti la maggior parte dei formati elencati in OP

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>what you want is a decoding chip and flashmemory

Can you suggest one that supports most of the formats listed in OP

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It just needs to support one format.
Convert everything else *to* that one format.
You’re welcome.

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No. You can google yourself unless you're a worthless cunt.

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just make sure it can support at minimum 44.1kHz sample rate. So, no arduino. I’d go with an ESP32, it has audio libraries available and can support a high clock rate. Also had arduino IDE support.

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it’s more fun to interact with others. OP never stop asking questions.

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forgot - check out analog devices sigma studio line if you want to break out of breakout board MCUs. They’re great MCUs designed for audio use and have dedicated software to design the chip software, like filters, EQ, etc.

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If you go with WAV you won't need a decoding chip. It's just a sequence of values you push into a DAC. You can play them directly with pretty much any 8-bit MCU.