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rate my handrail
what color should i paint it
white aluminum exterior
i was going to go with dark green because of the yard/hrass but maybe a rust red because the brick walkway or something absolutely garish like safety orange or amethyst so it stands out
yes i know my deck is dilapidated

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Please? It won't stop raining for a few days but I want to be prepared

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That is one damn fine handrail anon, and I agree that dark green or rust red or safety orange or amethyst would look very nice on it.

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not code and your gonna kill your whole family when it collapses

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Bad and ugly. Also potentially dangerous.

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Looks like it will drain/runoff well. Check.
Used pressure treated 4x’s. Check.
No balusters to catch a childs head between them. Check.

Looks good.

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I'm having a bad day and decided to be an asshole. Your handrail is nicer than I have it credit for.

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im sure your moms real happy with it and proud of you. hope she gets you pizza for dinner tonight

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Looks good anon.
I vote dark green to blend it in. It looks nice but shouldnt be the focal piece when looking at the front door of the house. White to match is safe too, that would be my second pick, but may look shabby as it gets dirty, the dirt splashing up around the bottom from raindrops will stain.
PT pine doesn't take stain well but matching the old deck is a third option.
Whatever you pick I'm sure it'll be fine. Hope you set those 4x4s properly so she doesn't wobble in a year.

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4/10. It works, but aesthetically it's kind of awful. It would probably look fine as part of a deck with matching railings around it, but on that porch with no railings it doesn't fit in at all just sitting there by itself. FYI residential building code doesn't even require a handrail there since there's only 2 risers.

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I'd hitch my horse to it.

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It's nice anon, I'd touch it for sure.