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what are you going to be planting in your garden this year anon?

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I want to plant some fruit trees and berry bushes, the nurseries are quite expensive so Im trying to source them cheaper

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I'm too fucking exhausted to weed and water what I have let alone plant something. Rained like a motherfucker all winder and everything went nuts come spring.

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I live in Phoenix. The summer hear is no joke and I'm not paying for that water bill.

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Heirloom maters. Giving away some of the other plants to my neighbors too. I really wanna start an apple tree and im moving so this might just be the time.

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I've got tomatoes, onions, peppers and cucumbers on the go in the polytunnel this year, nothing outside though except for a few potato plants that I'm not to bothered about. Might try some cabbage later.
Slugs are fucking up my cucumber plants so it's out every night with the flashlight to try and catch them in the act and thin their numbers

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try craiglist, fb market
lay some diatomaceous earth around the stem, this will fuck up anything crawling up the stem

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Look for rootstocks.

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Tomatoes, peppers, okra, cucumbers, squash, beans. Wife got the okra and cucumbers planted a few days ago and the peppers and tomatoes transplanted today...

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Hey guys, here’s my corn plant that I’m growing. I’m a first time poster here, and a first time gardener. I’m having issues with it right now and I’m going through the process of testing my soil, but I think the soil PH needs to be lower and it needs nitrogen.

I need help lowering the soil PH. It says for potted plants, add 1tbsp of aluminum nitrate per each 4 inches of pot diameter, so that would be 3 tbsps added.
It doesn’t say how much that would lower the PH by. I really don’t want to kill this corn. Any suggestions?

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Sorry, not aluminum nitrate, it’s whatever this stuff is

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Zucchini squash

That's probably all I can fit in my 2'x8' baby raised bed planter. Will also do some Grape 'maters in containers.

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nothing, I don't have land
makes me want to kms
my parents had land and a house and squandered it all away, my dad died and now my mom will pay rent the rest of her life when she could be in a much nicer place for a lot less money per month

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What issues are you having? Most things are light/water/pest related. I'm not convinced pH is as big a deal as people make it to be, especially when using commercial potting soil

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Well you technically don't need land, although it'd certainly make things easier. You can always go with a garden that's exclusively in pots and planters.

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what kind of corn? if it's sweet corn then you need more plants for cross pollination, or you get pic related

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Has anyone successfully overcome a ground elder infestation? I've got garden beds everywhere I can on my property at the moment and want to expand but I've come to the point where I'm up against huge patches of ground elder. I'm thinking of just picking a few patches and preventing them from seeding and just keep digging them up to keep them in check but over time I'd like them eradicated. Seems like a tall order though.

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I don’t know yet but I could use some inspiration. Bought a house that came with 500m2 (5k sqft) of yard. It’s mostly empty with some fruit trees. I’m pretty new to outdoor farming but dit some pretty small scale hydroponics indoor.

Our climate is too cold for tomatoes I think, everyone grows them indoors, I’m in what the us would call hardiness zone 8. Lots of rain and sometimes wet soil.

My current small garden grows rosemary, cucumbers, raspberries and lettuce in summer. I’m looking for some stuff that is easy to grow and doesn’t require too much care (2-3 hours a week for the whole garden would be perfect). I can make raised beds and whatever if needed. Any tips on where to start or what to get? I can only start gardening mid July which is middle of summer for us.

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Mid July is a bit too late to start most plants except for winter crops like cabbage, turnip, brussel sprouts etc.
Best bet is to to use the time to set up your garden for next spring, laying out, making raised beds, starting a compost pile.
Also invest in a cheap polytunnel if you can, will extend your growing season, keep the worst of the weather off your plants and makes things a but more manageable with regards weeding and tending the beds

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Plant zone 7 or 7a or whatever. What are some fun fruits and veggies to plant that will attract hummingbirds when they flower? Also, is it easy to grow currants/gooseberries? I heard those were a good one but being in the US they're foreign to me.

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not fruit or veg, but pic related pulls in lots of humming birds and pollinators for me in 7b. Piss easy too, just spead the seeds over dirt and water them in. You can get a carpet of flowers in about 2 months. If you pull the hummingbirds in with that, then they might go for any other flowers available as well from your fruits and veg. Also hummingbird feeders with sugar water work very well too

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