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How to replace? Is it the same material as a cabinet lining? Can I mud it and paint it?

Can afford to rip out and replace with wood right now.

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The hallway frame.

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May have been that the person didn't paint it with specific MDF primer. If it isn't buggered from water damage you can get resin that is good to fill and then sand down to smooth it out

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Some of that cheap interior trimwork is not painted, it's covered with a plastic veneer, and when the veneer gets a cut or puncture, water can get under there and fuck the glue.
You can see this in >>2799838, looks like someone either tried to glue it back down, or, that's mold.

What OP needs is to replace that shit. Barring that, strip the plastic off, and hit it with some Kilz sealer.

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Pull the trim and fix it big fucking deal

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Can’t afford that right now. It’s the frame not the molding. Will use this >>2799928