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I'm trying to build this mission style cabinet to hold stereo gear. I have all the lumber cut already and as I lay it out I can foresee some assembly problems. I have revised this drawing many times.
I can see that I'm going to have trouble fitting the shelves in there and I can't figure around it.
First time posting here. Why do I have to wait to get a captcha? anyway another pic will follow shortly.

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Here is a pic of current revision. I kicked the legs out 2 deg on left & right sides, (looks better to me) but even if I hadn't done that i would still have the same problem. My only idea now is to build the thing upside down.
anyone else have any ideas?

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It should read EXPENSIVE project. Need to proofread

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you're only showing the veneer, you have fucking zero info about how you're attaching one piece to another. if you're using blocks and screws just pre-drill and pre-sink screws in the tight spaces, you know, when the pieces are still just wood on your table and nothing is in your way. then when you put it together you can (*gasp*) use a fucking non-powered screwdriver even with your soi hands.

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Well the whole this is 1x3 red oak ripped down to 2.25 " so that the legs which are laminated of 3 pieces so that its square 2.25x 2.25 inches. shelves are intended to be plywood with the edges hidden behind the arched pieces.
yes, screws and glue is how it will be built. pic is of end view, short of the last shelf.

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You still haven't explained what the problem is

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i got it figured uot but fitting the shelves was the problem