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>buy new gpu
>insert into slot
>go to screw it into the back plate
>it doesn't quite line up
>bend it a little bit so it lines up
>it stops working after a month
>do a lot of troubleshooting
>flip entire PC upside down
>starts working again
>eventually stops working again
What do I do bros?
any ideas on how to improve contact to the pci slot?

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>go to screw it into the back plate
You mean the case?
If your problem is with the case, buy a better case.

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the case is fine it's just that the GPU was built wrong
has about a 15 degree misalignment between the metal plate and the board

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post picture

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If flipping the PC helped, there's a contact issue somewhere. Either the PCIE port or something on the board.

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You bent some shit and now some connectors aren't touching, duh. Probably ruined it instead of returning defective product.

Probably not even defective, you're probably the defective one.

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>GPU was built wrong
you should have returned it immediately, no matter how minor. Even a crack in plastic or a misaligned piece of metal could have been due to it taking a significant tumble or being slammed between pieces of heavy machinery.

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the fuck, this aint tech support. why are you posting on /diy/ go post this bullshit on /g/. who cares about your gay ass video card

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Flip it back over, duh.

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