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Apparently in the frontier days settlers couldn't find enough timber or stone to make homes in Nebraska so they developed a method for building houses that involved covering rectangular straw bales with lime plaster

From what I read, the straw itself acts itself as an insulator and a surface through which the hardened lime cast forms into solid loadbearing walls around the bale.

Straw itself does not degrade like hay and if done properly it should be next to impossible to set on fire due to the fire-retardant properties of lime plaster

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The insulation must be outstanding

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This is still done today. You can find videos of hippie and off-grid types building straw-bale homes on Youtube quite easily. They often use barbed wire or staples between courses of straw bales to 'lock' them in place

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>the hardened lime cast forms into solid loadbearing walls
Wrong. The lime layer is only a few mm thick. There is usually a clay layer between the lime and straw, and in theory, you could make it thick enough to bear weight - but then you'd have a ~20cm clay wall, and at that point, you might as well use bricks.
What actually bears the weight are the straw bales. You have to assume a lot of compression though. The retards who actually try to build with only straw usually preload it with ratchet straps attached to boards on top of the straw and buy special, highly compressed bales, but even so, those buildings tend to fail after a few years.

If you want to do things properly, you need a wood frame capable of supporting the floors and the roof, with the straw, clay and lime only there for filling the gaps and insulating. That way, you can use cheap standard bales (or even ones not suitable for animals) and your house might last centuries if the climate's right.

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As someone who has done flat roofing work on strawmat decks and/or with straw insulated parapets, it 100% does light on fire extremely easily...

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You can stack square bales into a basic survival shelter really easy. Cover it with a tarp and you'll live through the winter. But >>2789363 is correct, it's hard to keep mice out