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What swamp cooler should I get for my apartment to run off of backup batteries when the power goes out? I live in a part of the country where the humidity rarely goes above 25%. Will I ruin my apartment if I run it with the windows closed, or should I get one that fits into a window?

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traditional swap coolers REQUIRE an open window or three. There are room vents that vent up into the attic you can get, for a house obv, so the hot stuffy air in the corners gets blown up into the vented attic.

> my apartment

Get tf out of the city. You should be homesteading, not throwing your money away at an apartment. Join helpx and go help some folks who can teach you the life skills you need.

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pretty sure any cooler would work with those new generator sized battery packs

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I need to meet a wife first, so I'm stuck here for now.

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>I need to meet a wife first,
the two happiest days in a man's life is when he buys a wife and then when he sells it. no wait, that's a boat, and she will get that along with everything else you thought you owned. Just find a woman you hate and buy her a house.

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My point is that there aren't any women if I move to the middle of nowhere. I'm already in a pretty rural area though.

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No, no you don't. Be a dude and get your skills then your homestead. Wife is an accessory like a fanny pack or purse but less gay. Unless you fornicate when you have sex. Then you're a homo.