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my dad bought 2 containers and left them on my property, they are full of car seats,
what can i do with these car seats? look fine just dirty asf. i live near san diego and i would like some cash

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Make "Custom couches"



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i do like the idea but they need so much cleaning
but i would assume the springs and metal gear is all in tact
it has not gotten wet

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Looks like a homeless hotel.
Start renting them

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yes from what i gathered
i live on the border so the illegals use it once in a while when it was raining
lol thats with the water and toiletries
yes people come usually in the middle of the nigth so i dont ever see them

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Smoke more meth and fuck off with your scabies infested shit pilgrim

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lol im in san diego
this isnt shit arkansa lol
bro i have a computer and internet

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Just up the hill from mission bay fag

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more meth is consumed daily in downtown san diego than the whole of arkansas in a week

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So...the Section 8 part of Clairemont or Linda Vista, lofl.

Call one of the auto dismantlers in Otay Mesa and beg them to take that shit off your hands before you get on municipal code enforcement's radar.

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Sell the containers, as-is.

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the only way you can make any money on that nasty shit is burning it in a pile so you save having to pay to dump it

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Sell them to Mexicans to use as furniture

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If you're good with wood working, unironically this. Heck even upsell the recycled part on etsy. Enough morons out there to eat that shit up.

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La Jolla retard
No shed full of stolen car parts in my yard pootuh

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>i live on the border so the illegals use it
>La Jolla


If you actually lived in La Jolla there's no fucking way you'd have two shipping containers in your yard, nice try.

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Wrong person Einstein

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power washer and offer them to #vanlife faggots

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Picrel is a truck bed not a shipping container.

OP could sell those for scrap and they'd be hauled off since picrel has aluminum walls.

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OP was showing off his suck shed
She blows beaner meat for tortillas

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If he lived in La Jolla and dropped two shipping containers in his yard as trash the code enforcement and police would be on his ass minute one

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He dont live in La Jolla I do you mung.

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>my dad bought 2 containers and left them on my property
> i live near san diego and i would like some cash

Send him a bill for storage services as per normal boomer fashion.

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>hey son, Ive bought some scrap filled with trash!
>its really big and I dont have he space, just gonna leave this at your place
>have fun with it!