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Any reason it has to go on the roof? Can I just put panels on piles in the ground like a solar farm?

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yes you can put them anywhere really
in fact i have read an article that its more effective on a fence

but it has to do with codes regulation and space and how clever you are

you see if its attached to the house grid usually
it needs to be regulated and placed on the roof

but lets say you know how to set up solar units
like the all in one units
you can set one up on a gourney or a trailer
then its a mobile unit and you can lay the panels on the ground

saying this
you should look up how to ground it

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The issue is usually azimuth. At certain times of the year you may not get any power at all.

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Putting them on the roof is saving space. It is better to put it on the ground (on mounts in the correct angle), especially putting bifacial panels like that improves performance, plus you can clean them more easily if you live in a snowy area.

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Roof is dumb.
Ground mount is way to go.
You get exact angle you want
Service is easy
Snow is easily cleaned off
Easy to diy an angle adjustment

Leave your roof alone. It has a job to do, and likely isnt the optimal angle for harvesting kill o watts

Dont overthink it by imitating what companies get idiots to finance. Panel pointed at sun make power.
A big ass stump is effectively the same as a concrete ballast block