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What do I use my dad's large sockets for after he dies? As you can probably imagine, each set has a ratchet, breaker bar, some extensions and sockets. I only remember seeing him use the 3/4 set once or twice when I was younger.

picrel is an example for attention

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bearing and seal drivers

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Obviously he intends for you to start fixing heavy equipment, so you better start studying.

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better start bustin them big nuts anon

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the biggest size that you encounter on most cars, minivans, SUVs and light trucks will be an axle nut or sometimes a large crankshaft pulley bolt which usually top out around 35mm or 1-3/8" afaik.
Some BMWs, Landrovers etc go up to a 46mm+ but it's uncommon on other makes.

Unless you're going to work as a pro mechanic on hundreds of vehicles or on heavy equipment, you'll be unlikely to ever use these things. I have a set like yours that I inherited from my dad, and I've never used a single one of them.

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I got a 2" socket at a yardsale for .50 and a 3/4" breaker bar at Tractor Supply for $2

I EVENTUALLY got to use them once for tightening the nut back up on a hay spear, once

That was pretty satisfying

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>That was pretty satisfying
Yeah, my nuts got tight just reading that.

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I also got another large socket at the same yard sale, I can't even remember what size

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Maybe if you become a diesel mechanic. Just add it to your hoard and forget about it. Your kids will sell it for $5 during the estate sale.

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We use sockets like that at work, lots of heavy industry metalworking machines, presses, etc.

The more modern stuff uses a bunch of smaller bolts on a flange, the old stuff will have comically large nuts & bolts.

I think 4" is the largest one I've used that is a socket, larger than that are all striking wrenches.

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>Your kids will sell it for $5 during the estate sale.
You sound like my wife's son.

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>3/4" breaker bar at Tractor Supply for $2
You got anymore of those $2 breaker bars? I'd snag a few at that price!

Also if you're farming why don't you have a full set of 3/4" drive sockets. You're not some hobby farmer are you?

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We use the 6 point ones in a machine shop to secure vises

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If you ever need them you already own them. I rarely use mine at home but would not be without them. Key to a useful workshop and tool stash is methodical tool accumulation over time.

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Yeah I am

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Those are for working on heavy equipment. I work for NJ Transit(passenger rail in the state of New Jersey) and for some heavy jobs at the MMC complex we need 3/4 or 1 inch drive sockets. Heck even though I work there, I almost never use such large drive sockets because I am not stationed at the Jacks, locomotive shop or heavy repair.

As a regular civilian you likely don't need them especially since you are asking online. You could sell them or trade them online for tools or something else you may actually frequently need and use.