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So this thing they keep advertising on YouTube is clearly a ChiCom scam designed to electrocute people. But it aroused my latent desire to weld.

/diy/, where does an adult man learn to weld properly so he doesn't inadvertently ride the lightning? not for a career, just for small jobs and maybe dumb art projects.

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Getting a stable weld is difficult enough with mma but I can't imagine how bad it would be with all the extra weight from that rig

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Buy a $100 harbor freight Flux core buzz box and start practicing in your garage. It'll be spattery and messy, but it's the cheapest way to start learning. Plenty of online info. It's exceptionally hard to kill yourself welding unless you have the ground clamp snapped to your nipple or something.

If you're more serious about it, look at your local community College and see if they offer any intro welding classes.

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That thing would have a 5 second battery life, christ.
Also this, that would be horrendous to finesse around.

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It's perfectly viable to learn to weld on your own, following jewtube tutorials. Buy a cheap MMA welder - I'd recommend one of the ultra-cheap digital chinkshit ones, they can be bought for like $50, maybe replace the ground clamp since they come with ultra-shit ones. One caveat of the chinkshit ones is that they are often rated to 200A and in reality only put out 90A peak, so expect that you might need to run 2x as many amps as the tutorials recommend, and obviously it won't do 3.2mm electrodes.
The buzzboxes are better in that they deliver what's written on the lid, but they're 5x as heavy as the inverters.
Pay attention to whether you have AC or DC electrodes and AC or DC welder.
Fluxcore is okay too, easier, but somewhat less flexible.
You're not really gaining anything but extra weight to lift by that thing, get a normal one that has a separate box.
It's not cordless, it just looks like a laser gun for whatever reason.

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if you can solder you can weld, watch some videos and buy some decent gloves and a helmet

people will tell you it's wrong but just get a flux core mig machine and enjoy being able to make repairs

taught myself watching videos and none of my welds have broken yet

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>It's not cordless
Then why does the image clearly show a battery pack like it's a drill?

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What battery?

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Plenty here already gave solid advice. I'm just going to state here that please don't buy that crap. All you would need is a stinger the actual damn thing that holds rods this adds more weight and a waste of money. Look online for anyone getting rid of a machine used or go harbor freight and buy a cheap one for learning.