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I have a big yard with a nice view, I want to erect a pull up frame for gymnastic and calisthenic exercises. However, I don't want it to be an eye-sore whenever I go outside. Something that I can put in place and remove at any time with relative ease.

My idea is digging the holes out for the 2x4s, first putting cement in and throwing in some kind of metal seat or holder that I can slip the 2x4s in and out of. They would be tight enough to hold them strong, but wide enough to fit maybe a wedge of some sort to make sure they don't shift while I'm exercising on them.

Pic rel. is the idea.

What kind of contraption can I fit into the hole to seat the wood and are their better ways of going about this that I'm overlooking?


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>are their better ways of going about this that I'm overlooking?

yeah. forget about pullups. nobody does pullups to accomplish anything other than getting better at pullups. in a few years you won't ever want to do a pullup again, but you should still enjoy riding bikes, running or jogging, swimming, etc.

and if you have to exercise those muscles buy a lat machine.

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You're a faggot.

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Styrofoam the form with a 4x4 piece of ridged insulation, then pull the Styrofoam out after it sets. You will need to install PVC conduit out the bottom to let it drain.

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>Metal contraption
Not needed

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Get a thin material to line the outside of the 2x4, when you put it into the cement it will mold just to the liner so you can take it out with very little space in between the concrete and the wood. You can put a wedge in between after if you want, but it should be still pretty tight.

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>400lb powerlifter enters thread

you'd rather have ugly holes in your yard that you or a guest will eventually twist their ankle with?
just make a pull up bar out of lumber and use bolts to hold it together. then you can unbolt it whenever you're done.

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>then you can unbolt it whenever you're done
>bro just spend 8 minutes everyday doing and undoing the bolts from two uprights in your yard

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I'd just buy 4 stirrup mounts for a clothes line. Australian spinning clothes lines gone with these huge mounting points exactly for this reason.

You can also buy mounts designed for removable driveway posts that can stop a car ramming them.

If you didn't want to buy either I'd still copy one of their designs.

The hole will have to be way deeper if the post is removable because horizontal stress will fuck the mount, so I wouldn't try just slotting something into a hole.

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Something like this.
Comes ready made, neat lid to stop it filling with dirt when not in use.

The issue probably isn't how to disguise the hole but what the fuck you're going to do with the top half when it's not in use.

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just mount it on an acme lead screw and attach one end to an electric motor then it can just go down level into the ground

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It should work albeit a little wobbly, also your foundation needs to be bigger than in your drawing understand that it has to support you + the extra weight from leverage of you moving on it.
Then i would recommend putting the foundation in place and screwing some andgle onto them, take a hole out of your 2x4 where you can pull through a screw like picrel which you can fasten to stay in place and then loosen when you are done working out.
The very best would be though to build something lasting you can leaver there and just design it so it wont be an eyesore

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Can you explain that a little more in detail please?

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This answer is better than mine, very practical thinking!

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>stirrup mounts
what are these? i just get saddle stirrups when i look up pictures

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weld plate with nut to bottom of bollard in the bottom of the hole have the lead screw attached to a electric motor to be remote activated or just cement the lead screw into the ground for manual mode. motor spins the lead screw sucking down the bollard down the nut with the screw going inside the bollard. the manual version you spin the bollard yourself till its down to the ground

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That's a lot of work, why not just make a aluminum frame?

Just make an upright frame and have the feet of the two sides have this kind of design. Have the main bar go through the middle or something and just be able to move it freely when ever you want to.

They even sell hammock sets that look pretty much like something to do exercises on, just modify that.

I wish I could remember what the fuck the feet are called, it's the feet where it's spirals out in 8 directions.

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There is no way you are going to put up with the bullshit of assembling and dissembling this pullup bar frame every day. The hole will fill up with water constantly. You will find dead animals in it. As another anonymous mentioned, it's an ankle injury waiting to happen.

Build a pergola or a decorative arch or a gazebo or something and just use it to do pullups.

Hell, making a free-standing pullup bar is better than a removable in-ground frame.