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What do you recommend should be in it?
I'm talking about a base starting point toolbox ready for basic every day fixups and such.

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Also, which brands are generally good and which to avoid like the plague

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somebody turn on the helpful boomer bat signal so one of them can post the list that OP can find anywhere on the googler

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Posting autism thing i made when frustrated with the low quality of the tools in most of these starter kit type things.
Add an angle grinder and an impact driver and you could get a fair amount of shit done. Oh and more barclamps, can never have too many clamps.

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adding; A miter box, assuming dont have a miter saw.
An assortment of different types of tape is also nice to have.

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That’s not bad

It doesn’t really matter for babby’s first tool kit. Different brands do different stuff well, and the store brands with lifetime warranties like Husky, Kobalt, and also Craftsman can be affordable and are plenty good enough for weekend jobs. If you break an individual tool or use it a lot and want a better quality version after some use, then go with a better brand. If you’re talking about power tools, Ryobi is the patrician DIYer brand, don’t buy no-name Chinese power tools because the batteries will be trash and you might not be able to find a new battery 6mos after you bought the thing.

Avoid “mechanic’s tool sets” unless you want to add a bunch more. And if you do get some ~170pc mechanic’s set, then add a 4pc pliers set, a level, tape measure, hammer, and a cordless drill and you will be ok.

A kit like picrel would be solid. These kits go on sale a lot, maybe Father’s Day will have some sales

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for anyone who really hates being at parties

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>set of wrenches (metric and sae and up to at least 19mm / 3/4")
>Allen keys (metric and sae)
>brass hammer
>claw hammer
>screwdrivers (I like fixed blade but no doubt a bit driver and bits is cheaper)
>utility knife
>knipex cobras (7" and 10")
>wire strippers
>needle nose pliers
>electricians hammer (lineman pliers)
>Multimeter (I like fluke but they're not worth the money unless you use it every day)
>tape measure
>cordless drill (pick your favorite color)
You don't really need a socket set unless you're working on your car (you should). Anything else just buy as you need.

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Just buy things as you need them. The only things you can be pretty sure of is a hammer, screwdrivers and a tape measure, maybe a wrench set too. Buy the right tool for the job as you need them

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All you need is a pair of tongs for your forge. Everything else you can make yourself.

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>deliberately summoning all the namequeers

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>Somebody buys tool that happen to match, because theyve had good experiences with the brand in the past.
>Gee whillickers, i better let everybody know how upset i am about this.

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>punctuation and capitalization in greentext
>stupid strawman that might as well have been written in all caps
>hahahaha aye am be vry smort
>being gay enough to make me do meme arrows more than two times

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it never ends

wood saws
spirit level
tape measure
wood chisel set
screwdriver bit set
drill bit set
filling knife set
various pliers/vice grips
sanding block/sandpapers
paintbrushes, rollers, paint tray
work gloves
tool belt
face respirator for sanding etc
sharp knife
hex sockets

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Add a tiny set of screwdrivers for opening electronics' battery compartments

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i think the cheapest and best way is to search craigslist and marketplace for deals on the toolboxes of dead old men, but you need to be able to identify and differentiate between a box of chinese shit, and a box of quality tools. best purchase i ever made was a cheap $20 bench grinder that i put a wire wheel and buffing wheel on.

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Buy a little 13 in 1 paint scraper an 11 in 1 klein screwdriver and a hammer and crescent wrench and use only those tools until you need something else then buy that

Just buy tools when you need them don't fall in to the trap of buying a set of tools with one specific tool for one purpose. Shit I use my razor knife more than anything in my tool bag

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>13 in 1 paint scraper

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Trust me nigger you will be using this thing for everything

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I hate them desu. I like a thin, flexible brass spatula, and a nice wide sharp steel one. I don't want all that other garbage on it. the metal butt cap is nice, though.

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>paintbrushes, rollers, paint tray
>face respirator
Ah, thats a good one, may want to throw in saftey glasses too. Actually, saftey goggles, if dust from aggressive sanding is the concern, glasses wont cut it.

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>stupid strawman that might as well have been written in all caps
Apologies, good point, i shouldve trimmed that down, it would've been funnier if it was shorter anyway/. plz, allow me to rewrite it;
>someone buy tool that match

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>He thinks women know how to paint.
They're so dumb they actually use these fucking things

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Cordless drill
3d printer
Common screwdrivers
Razor knife
snap caps
Carving knife
Utility knife
match grade munitions
Some kind of Leatherman

Don't even bother buying hammers every tool is a hammer if you try hard enough

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>Don't even bother buying hammers every tool is a hammer if you try hard enough
A claw hammer is actually pretty handy for removing nails. Though, ofc i don't actually use nails, because they are gay and screws are superior, but still.
My hammer actually spends alot of its time with like 10-20 layers of ductape on the head, so i can use it like a rubber mallet. As i find that most things i want to hammer on, i dont feel like marring the shit out of.

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Lathe, welder, grinder. You'll figure out the rest.

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>white knighting for namefags

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Oh, perhaps there has been some terrible misunderstanding.
I'm knighting for brandfags, not namefags. namefags are gay.

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>perhaps there has been some terrible misunderstanding
Indeed there has! Carry on, my good man. Carry on.

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Knipex or knockoff pliers wrench.
Knipex Co-Bolt clippers
HF flush cut clippers
Klien 18-1 screwdriver
Klien wire stripper (the small triangular shaped one)
Estwing Hammer
Knipex Cobras

With those you can fix 80% of things and they will all last a lifetime.

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I'd just go with one of those home tool kits for a start and upgrade/add on as needed.

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i prefer a torn up old cardboard box myself

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Wow, what a gay briefcase. Wera is the perfect match!

>Stops 7.62x39!

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Im actually 100% serious. Get a tool caddy for it and you even have little holders for your small stuff

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Trying to figure out what anyone is expected to do with pic related. It's some various clips, a magnet, a hammer holder, and a coozie. Throw the shit in your junk pile while you drink beer and contemplate how your life went so wrong?

>pipe wrench
>channel locks
>utility knife
>tape measure
>two adjustable wrenches
What job is he doing?

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These are terrible. The inside fills with shit and it's too heavy carry comfortably. Fucked up my shoulder/10

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Definitely a Swiss Army Knife, even when you have the "better" versions of the included tools they're handy.