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lucky me I think I developed swimmers ear or something after a trip to the ocean. the ear pain sucks enough but it's also putting pressure on my jaw hinge making it literally impossible to sleep. to top it off I have to catch a plane in the morning so 0 chance to go to the doctor for proper treatment.
is there anything I can do to effectively mitigate for the pain and swelling besides tylenol or am I just fucked until I can make it to a clinic?

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Among a man's duties is to be his own physician. A doctor is someone who makes something natural, unnatural.

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It's pretty simple, it should clear by itself in 5-7 days.

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You can try salt water, it reduces swelling.

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I would like to be able to sleep and not be in constant pain sometime soon, let alone within the next week

how long does it last? ideally I'd like to not have to put more water in my ear while on a plane

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turn your ear towards the ground and wack your skull above it
lay on your back and pull your earlobe
get on your knees and pray it doesn't rupture on the plane
chew gum

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hey champ I've got some ryobi tools and a bridge in san francisco you might be interested in.

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I can pop my ears on command so that's not a huge concern for me, the pain and swelling is what is doing me in right now

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You can alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen every 3 hours. The normal dose for your weight, don't get stupid. Look it up.

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guess I'll grab some $24 bottles at the airport tomorrow morning and start chugging...

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This is too much Tylenol. They're usually an 8 hour release. After a day of this he would have an extra 100mg of tylenol.

Tylenol and ibuprofen can be taken together and ibuprofen isn't nearly as bad ad Tylenol

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>can be taken together
but it's better to alternate and overlap

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Try tele health appointment or urgent care

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Like I said, look it up. This is what was prescribed for my daughter a couple months ago when she had her tonsils taken out. Google is your friend, and dosage may be affected, which is why I said look it up in the first post.

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>besides tylenol
throw the tylenol in the trash and take ibuprofen.
forget about an urgent care clinic - they deal with too many retards trying to scam painkiller prescriptions and will basically tell you to go through your own doctor. they will prescribe antibiotics, though.

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op again, tylinol and Advil worked better than I expected, 2 of each and I was good to go the whole flight. ear at least felt like it went completely back to normal.
thanks for the help boys and girls(male)!

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Pour rubbing alcohol in affected ear, let sit for about 15 seconds, then clean ear with q-tip. You can also put a couple handfuls of dry beans in a facecloth, tie it up and microwave it for about a minute then lay the affected side of your head on it. It'll stay warm for a few hours and help alleviate the pain.

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i buy fish antibiotics off the internet without a prescription for minor infections. very cost effective.

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Don’t listen to any of these nerds that say put something in your ear. If you feel pressure on the ear the infection/pus is 90% sure on inside of the eardrum, it either slowly goes away through your Eustachian tube or quickly when eardrum ruptures. Take paracetamol or ibuprofen to keep the pain under 4/10 and wait.

Never put alcohol in your ear or you’ll get a bonus outer ear infection to after the inner ear infection clears

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Tylenol and Advil are honestly such a potent combo, just sucks the side effects of longterm use. Thankfully you have to take a metric ton of it in short order, or be maxing the dose for months on end.
>had to get a bunch of dental work done
>got 3 crowns at once
>lab fucked up the one so dentist had to put a temp crown on that tooth
>few days later, eating, suddenly feels like I got stabbed in the face
>fucked up crown turned out to be a blessing because that tooth ended up needing a root canal from how deep the decay went, drilling it out just finally "broke the dam"
>don't remember details, I think he was out of state for a week or two so couldn't see him
>couldn't sleep from the constant pain
>tylenol and advil made 90-95% of it go away
>lasted a solid 6-8 hours
>finally get in to see him
>gave me codeine so I could stop the advil/tylenol for a bit
>worked half as good, and less than half as long
>went back tylenol and advil
>got some vicodin for recovery
>didn't do shit either, more tylenol and advil for a few days
A while later I found out dad's side of the family seems to have some kind of opiate resistance, because a bunch of them have been on vicodin and related, and it didn't do shit for them either.

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Burow's solution. You can get it over the counter as Domeboro or Domeboro Otic at many pharmacies. The former is a powder and the latter is ear drops. Both work, so get what is cheaper. One dose generally clears it up for me. If you get the powder, mix it with some water first and dump it in your ear. Leave it in there for a bit and then rinse it out. Symptoms should start improving after a few hours and be gone in a few days.

It is used to kill fungus and bacteria. It also has a drying effect. It won't help with the pain but it does help with itching, if you have that. It is also great for poison ivy/oak/sumac rashes and athlete's foot.

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That's just one usage of the word "Doctor.. I went to look up the etymology because I liked your idea very much but it turns out a medical doctor is a physician. Literally comes from Chaucer.

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I had water get in one ear one time, like it has a million times before, and not even a lot. Like a drop and I got it out right away and dried my ears after. It turned into both ears and middle ear getting infected, losing my hearing for two months and being really fucked up from the infection, if I had a gun at the time I would have shot myself.

Just go to a walk in when you can and eat the hundred bucks or whatever. Booze will help you ignore the pain and if you stay awake long enough to sober back up you should be pretty tired when you dry out.

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when I suspect an ear infection I put peroxide in my ear. works fine been doing it for years. aspirin works best for jaw pain.

if you have water in your ears isopropyl alcohol can help, but if you have an infection it will hurt like hell.

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put a little hydrogen peroxide from any drug store in your ear and it will boil the entire thing out in a few minutes at most. Pain free.

When I went to mexico to the beach I had it really bad for around 2 days and I was suffering, Went to a gift shop that had some HP and laid on my side and poured some in. About 5 minutes later I had brown sandy shit coming out and I could finally use a Qtip and some more HP to flush the rest. Saved my vacation and I can't believe it took me 2 days to even think of trying it, I had been using HP in my ears for years before then. If your ears ever feel nasty or goopy, hydrogen peroxide works wonders. I hope I'm not too late to help you OP.

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you need antibiotics like z-pac ... if you go to emergency room it will cost you $500 and waste your time ... just find a cheapo "clinic" that serves the poor, sign in, pay the cheapo $15 cash to see some nurse practitioner, and you'll get your prescription, go buy at drugstore and you're all better for under $50

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I'm the same way. Many of these opiates are a step or two removed from being morphine, but in some, the liver doesn't produce the right stuff to metabolize it, so it just passes through. I have taken codeine before and it did effectively nothing. Gotta get straight morphine or it's basically inert.

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Same anon.

It's no coincidence that they tell us right in their face what they do. A definition is descriptive in mainstream dictionaries, based on the actual use of the word. Unless it's a law dictionary, then it could be pre/proscriptive. Although it's down to how the living man chooses to define. If left undefined, then the other definitions may stand.

I'd say actual doctors are doing just that, manipulating nature in an unnatural way. How I used the words is at issue: I explained my definition. That a dead guy had another definition in his context, is his issue, and if you choose to use that definition, then that's for you to do.

Language has been manipulated so that everyone is given informed consent, whether they are 'aware' of it or not.

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You could go to an STD clinic and get a shot in the ass of antibiotics. The nurse will like oogling your cheeks, and you'll get your infection resolved. Everybody 'wins'.

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You should mix it with water first. It’s also possible for those bubbles to cause extreme pain.

I do this too

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What this anon said. I always keep various "fish" antibiotics in my medicine box for shit like ear infections that can pop up without notice. Shame they've seemed to have cracked down on it in the past couple years.

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Pharmacist here. Use Debrox® Swimmer's Ear. If it's an infection it won't work and your fucked.
Don't let your problem stick around for more then a week or you run the risk of Bell's palsy.

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if your going to try hydrogen peroxide, just dip a q-tip cotton swab into the solution to get the proper amount soaked into the swab, and probe the ear like you normanlly would with q-tip swab

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I keep fish antibiotics on hand. lol

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>problem caused by salt water will be solved with more salt water
This post was written by sirens

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>Google is your friend
un fucking real
i've never been to /diy/ before, are subhumans like this regulars around here?

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thats probably a brain eating worm working its way into your brain. better hurry, once the pain is gone its inside your brain and you will start to get ticks and seizures as it eats your brain, eventually you go full retard and just dies.
if you listen you can probably hear it chewing its way through.

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Spoonfeeders should learn to effectively search. What entitles you to others doing that for you?