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If I want water to get away from the side of my house on the ground(I have no slope really, it's all level surface), should I put dirt, sand or gravel?

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Id start by picking up the trash hillbilly

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you need to make a french drain or at least a swale and redirect water away from your foundation. adding dirt is not going to solve this problem.

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Raise the house on sticks to match the neighbors.

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water flows from high to low
that should be everything you need to know

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>you need to make a french drain
not an option and its in a small part of the house
>adding dirt is not going to solve this problem.
If you had to use dirt, sand or gravel which is best?
The downspout is right there and I have a void I need to at least fill with SOMETHING

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>french drain not an option
wtf do you mean how is this not an option

dig a ditch that slides water downhill away from the house, put in corrugated pipe, cover with gravel to level. problem solved for like 10 years. it absolutely is an option.

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I would channel it to a low spot and put a sump pump there. That's all a french drain does, just deeper underground

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wrong. if you build that up with dirt the water is going to go into your house / foundation. you absolutely need to drain it first, a dirt culvert out the back. again you have to do something to get that water away from the foundation. after that is draining you can backfill with gravel which will continue to let the water flow away from the house.

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>corrugated pipe
or half pipe
or black landscape drain (no holes)
or pvc
or just a ditch
or a fancy ditch with cement
or probably tens of other options

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You can try planting heavy moisture loving plants. I live in a temperate rainforest and the difference between areas with ferns and moss is totally dry compared to the spots with grass lawns that just turn into muddy swamps

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Dig a swale to drain the water in this direction, there appears to be a low spot behind the house.

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pic related isnt my house, the section where water forms is about 1 meter

it's just a concrete slab with a building on top of it.

I just need to know what to fill the void in with.
Sand, gravel or dirt

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>not my house
Post a pic of actual conditions for best advice.
>Sand, gravel or dirt
Water will just fill the void space and continue to penetrate the house.

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if you're channeling the water to a sump, then gravel, otherwise clay-heavy dirt would be best to actually fill the hole rather than just create a deep wet spot

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>water flows from high to low
>that should be everything you need to know

your're a poet
and you didnt even kniow it

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that house looks like it was just built.
what idiot decided to put the it at such a low elevation?
should have raised the building pad a 1 or 2 feet higher than where it is now.

solution is curtain drain, french drain, whatever
dig a 2+ foot deep trench all the way around the house. give the bottom of the drain a sloped gradient so the water finding its way into the trench runs downhill tpowards an exit or a dry well / cistern structure.
place corrugated pipe at bottom of trench. backfill with some kind of gravel intended facilitate underground water flow

the water needs a place to go.
you have to give the water an alternate place to go.

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Guys im just asking which is better for drainage
sand, gravel or dirt.

Should be an easy question.

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It's never that simple lmao
If you put gravel in too close to the house, you're inviting water to your foundation
Fill with clay and put a downspout extender thing on to move the water further away

You want water to run away from your house
If you actually have evidence of setting or water problems, this anon is right

If you don't have water problems, you have sandy enough soul that it doesn't matter what you fill the hole with because it'll continue to drain

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where the fuck are you placing this material?
how are you going to structure it?
laying it out flat on the surface?
building a dyke?
Building a canal?
a dam?
depends on what the fuck your going to determine what m,aterial to use. holy shit.
wtf are you a retard?

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ITT Idiots on both sides of the fence

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Does it need to be so girthy?

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I deal with this kind of person all the time. The only way they will listen is if they are proven wrong through first hand experience. Even in defeat, OP will not admit to it and any solution offered here will become their next "original" idea.
Where is the water going to drain to, OP? Down into the ground? Water follows the path of least resistance.

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OP is a perfect example of what happens when youre stupid and buy the last / cheapest lot in a sub division.

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Ah. The infamous water schlong

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OP what you need is a draw bridge

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how's the internet in niggertown?