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I bought pic related to jerk off to 3d porn on the go.

Now I thought that i can 3d print a slim adapter to turn those shitty glasses into IR-NVG. I am using a Raspberry Pi zero right now and planning to upgrade to a Raspberry pi 5.
But now I have a tiny hiccup. Video doesnt work.

Any of you have experience with raspbian and exotic display options? If you are interested I can keep posting my progress.

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Sounds interesting tell/show us more.
I need to upgrade from converting video to analglyph and using pic rel

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Not interested buh bye now

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UBC video glasses, that can play ultra wide side by side Video.

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i am interested in glasses that can filter light frequencies.
like if we modeled a screen to filter light to pass only some light frequencies.
Because all common glasses and i am interested in bluecyanin ones can only show one frequency at time based on the color repeling and refraction of light.
but i saw some recently material that can turn transparent or opaque with eletricity.
if we could develop something like that is nice.
Because another day, i saw i vid, i don´t know if is fake or not, but the dude had a piece of glass that could see UFO on broad daylight, because they hide in the frequencies of light that normal human eye can´t see, so using this kind of glasses you can perceive them.

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based schizo