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I want a geodesic dome addition on my house. I want size picrel. I know this is masochism.

Question is how would you go about this? I was thinking metal frame with premade adapters at the corners to properly angle the whole thing. Pair that with premade triangle panels in wood frame with glass installed. I think this glass part is where the money will end up.

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Buy a kit.

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Doing it out of metal and glass would cost an arm and a leg. Personally I'd frame in wood and skin with polycarbonate. Lots of online calculators and videos to diy it

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it wont have any form of insulation even if you use doublepane storm glass and spend an assload it will effectively be an insanely hot greenhouse in summer and refrigerator in winter either way.

they are pretty cool but i would plan on making it easy to isolate from the rest of your house as this will become a thermal nightmare if not.

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they need to be adapted to climate
they exsist in norther climates because even at like regular weather is cold
the greenhouse needs to have a use
i have also seen a video of a guy building it in the ground in a greenhouse
in northern climate

otherwise yes it will cost a lot
the cheapest being wood and polycarbonate

here in souther california
they do make some that are framed and concrete formed
they become fire proof and good for the hot weather
this is cheapest
companies do this

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It's not impossible to mitigate solar heat gain and maintain a stable interior atmoshere using glass this way, just expensive.

Picrel is the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg FL which is as tightly climate and light controlled as any other museum, and perfectly comfortable both temperature and light level-wise beneath the glass areas even in the direct midday FL sunshine.

One thing for the OP to note though is that great care has been taken to avoid any acute angles in the exterior surfaces where the glass protrudes from the boxy portion of the building envelope, so that all water is directed away from the joints and no valleys or "bird's mouths" are formed that might direct water anywhere but quickly away from those major potential leak areas.

Just placing a done near a box and having the two intersect does the exact opposite and is a recipe for headaches from rain, snow and dirt/debris, birds nests, etc. or when attempting maintenence and repairs.

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Design seems smart, actually stupid.
Very little unable space, huge waste of framing materials, weak structure (yes really)

For a greenhouse like structure build a yurt shape, twice the usable space. Better still just build a regular ass barn.

If you want the round shape for aesthetic reasons consider earth/ cement composite. Strong, cheap, no framing. Then put windows in it.

If you want the transparent dome, consider building a tent. Build a glue together polly structure, put elbows in the joins to spread the load, heat seal some plastic to form a waterproof structure, use guywires to support it, commit to replacing the plastic every few years.

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it has to do with climate
actually i live in the southwest and i look into this a lot
due to the extreme weather i face
its either too hot
or too cold and windy and snowy

out of all the designs i have seen there are 2 that stand out

1 the cement dome built in places like texas ca
these can be covered with plaster or dirt burried
and they are fully weather proof, run an ac mini split and the thing is perfect in many weather types
and will survive most fires

2 is that gay hippie earthship
although i have seen many versions of it
the best was a man who made out of bricks glass and wood, actual building materials
it was perfectly adapted for cold and hot weather and it was able to heat easily with a wood stove and gives you an outdoor type patio area
please dont fall for that hippie psyopp of using old tires and adobe
that shit is why they suck

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i forgot also a classic adobe spanish designed house

but made with concrete and concrete tiles
you improve on the adobe design
these houses are also well adapted to climate

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Most based high value low cost DIY solution. Everything worth doing has been done and repeated including that. Great thermal mass too.

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This guy does videos on diy domes he's designed.