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How do I know which one is the closest to the real thing?

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Gauge block.

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the one that makes you dick look better

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funny thing is it doesn't matter if you are the only one making whatever and you use only one of them.

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Count the lines, dumbass. The bottom one is correct.

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this is the exact kind of retard that hammers the rivets in the hook tighter to stop it moving

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You don't use base 12 inches?

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They're both right, top is metric and bottom is imperial

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Top one has been clipped

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I mean, like being both tips ok but you notice there is 1cm off when doing large measurements.
How do I know which one has the lowest accumulated error?

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Gets it

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Been picked on all your life eh princess

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This comment isn't even english.

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This is only true if whatever you are doing doesn't have to fit or interact with materials and equipment and other items made to standard dimensional units.

But if that's the case there's no point to using a ruler at all, just make a story pole on a piece of scrap wood or thin cardboard to mark off dimensions you need to reproduce and match.

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Gee thanks captain obvious

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True...and a perfect illustration of why carpenters and fabricators going for tolerances closer than +/- 5/16" don't rely on the hook end of tape measures and "burn an inch" by starting measurements from the 1" mark and add it back on to the figure they get after reading the tape.

Even rulers can have inaccuracies on the "idiot end" (from manufacturing or damage/ modification...or both) and where tiny discrepancies matter like scale rules they force you to avoid relying on the end of the device as an accurate increment by starting the marks well away from it.

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Measure your dick, if its shorter than 10 inches than the tape measure is wrong.

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I'm pretty sure they have some international definitional unit in France somewhere, so you should call them up and compare

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I bet the rabbi got his royalty for use of the tool that did it.

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Buy hundreds of them and use their arithmetic mean

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neither because imperial units are never correct

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Finally.my dick is 6 ten miionths the distance from Paris to the north pole. The peepee pump is paying off

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>Measure your dick, if its shorter than 10 inches than the tape measure is wrong.
Only true in America. Everywhere else it is 10cm.

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>a man with one watch knows what time it is
>a man with two watches is never sure
the top one starts at 1/4". add on a 1/4 inch or do not use the first section

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Yeah, just tape a quarter to it.

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Never go to sea with two chronometers!
Take one or three.

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Yeah you….

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I send all my tapes off to get calibrated twice a year. It’s worth the lab fees if your a pro.

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>This is only true if whatever you are doing doesn't have to fit or interact with materials and equipment and other items made to standard dimensional units.
Wrong. It can fit, but you'll have to measure it first with your unique tape.

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>Measure materials made to standard size with your tape measure
>Use those measurements instead of listed measurements

Also, story poles save sooo much time when you're doing repeatable tasks

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Do people really not understand the purpose of the end of the tape measure having a bit of slide in it? Hint: it's not a mistake and it's not sloppy manufacturing. It's there for an obvious reason that anyone with a three digit IQ should be able to figure out without being told.

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pic from the other place

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Are you retarded?

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measure with a piece of paper, a single inch, check both tapes are accurately an inch anywhere along it, then use the marked 1 inch paper, to check which tape measure is more accurate, from the 1 inch mark back to the end of the clip

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It's interesting to see people comment before reading any other replies.

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or just measure the paper and choose the one measuring 11 inches

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didn't read, meme in english, point made for me

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how are you that bad at zoolander photos for ants

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>buy ten different measuring tapes
>measure something
>use the tape closest one to the median