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For 38 bucks how bad can it be?

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>Max Torque: 250 ft-lbs

It won't get anywhere near that, and you'll end up breaking everything free yourself.

t. previous owner of a similar HF impact wrench

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Don't cheap out on tools you're going to use a lot.

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>max torque 250 ft lbs
like other anon said, it won't hit 200 probably

and even if it did, that's fucking pathetic for the size of it, just get an impact driver. for heavy duty nuts and bolts, a 3 ft. cheater bar will give you more torque with no air compressor and probably be cheaper
for light stuff, a driver will fair better

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>Implying anyone on this shithole website will actually use their tools a lot.

Whew lad...

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If you’re guessing and are tempted to buy it as your first 1/2” gun, you probably don’t have a compressor large enough to get near that 250lbs or whatever the actual max is.

Also cheap air tools are cheap to make. They will work, but not great and not for long. It’s not much cheaper than all the other store brand bottom end guns.

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Git gud at finding deals, scrubs

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I got one of those from harbor freight 20 years ago free with an air compressor

It makes impact wrench noises but it won’t break anything loose

It mostly takes air spins it around the anvmand purges it into the air

I can almost smell the Chinese oil smell you get when you run this now even 25+ years later

Pro tip don’t buy harbor freight air compressors

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Torque Test Channel. Go there.

Pneumatic tools also need decently capable compressors. The shit compressors are for tires and blowguns (important and valid uses) but my air tools sit because cordless are that much better.

I have two 5HP industrial compressors ganged and feeding an industrial receiver tank but dragging hose is an annoyance so I use that for blasting.