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Your honest reaction?


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there's only one king of sealant adhesives

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I can flex my caulk

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Please tell us more.

Also, Sika.

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makes me wonder why I've never seen caulk in a pressurized can before now

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Ah yes, I too throw out my caulk gun with my shitty dried out caulk instead of taking the tube out.
Where the fuck is the caulk boat?

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The ultimate nigger rig…flex seal
Why pay a contractor when you can goop up the problem?
Then pay me twice as much to dig the shit off to fix it right. Only things worse are roof tar and expanding foam.

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my cheap ass boomer dad just sprays foam and spreads gap filler over every problem or leak and somehow it always seems to work "good enough" for him

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Flex cock.

Sounds like a medical condition. You might want to see a doctor about that.

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Why keep the gun if the new product doesn't need one? Fucking idiot.

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if roof tar is going to buy me 5-10 years before I need a total new roof replacement than so be it

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>Flex cock.

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5200 was designed specifically for below waterline through-hull fittings on oceangoing vessels. that's pretty high up on the critical applications list as far as i'm concerned. it's ridiculously slow curing and an absolute bitch to remove are the drawbacks

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the guns are for a variety of cartridges

its not just for caulk, you can buy glue adhesives and cement in cartridges too, the "bead/line" idea is just aesthetic

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Listen here cocksucker. The infomercial is implying that normal caulk guns and tubes are so faulty and cumbersome that old smooth brain Joe has to spend money on a new gun and tube every time he tries to caulk his chuck shack Windows. There was no reason for that old man to throw away a perfectly good caulk gun just because ha had a dried tube left in it. They think their target audience is stupid enough to believe that. You are the target. Fool.

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Congratulations on allowing yourself to get baited, dumbass.

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I'll show you a pressurized caulk.

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You are reading way too much into this.

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I don't know, it's targeted towards home owners with the price. I could see it being useful if you are on a ladder or something, idk.

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this is my favorite flavor of industrial cheese whiz

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>They think their target audience is stupid enough to believe that.
That is literally the target audience.

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Real mechanics use weather strip adhesive aka: baby shit

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18 bucks for a tube o cock…fuck you

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It's revolutionary for guys like me who need to caulk something at home 1-2 times per year. Obviously not useful nor cost-effective for the majority of pros, but those who do sealing rarely might benefit a lot.

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Wrong Sparky…once you use it the nozzle full will harden and utilizing the remainder nearly impossible.
Pro tip : you tap a caulking tube use it all…somewhere, anywhere

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BBG enjoyer

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>Hurr durr vaxxmaxx, bro. Just inject your maderna

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it was an automotive classic in all shops, loks like flex tape bought the patent and are now marking a mechanic staple to homeowners, is bondo next; flex plaster

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>you tap a caulking tube use it all

not necessarily. it depends on what you're using. with 100% silicon if you open the tube properly the stuff at the very end will harden into a seal and keep the rest of the tube from hardening/rubberizing. alternatively stick a screw into it and don't cut the tip like a fucking neanderthal and you should be fine.

>t. former camper tech.

fuck Dicor self leveling though. absolutely use the whole tube with that shit because it will become rubber regardless of what you do.

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Cool story bro

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I do that in the morning and sometimes it pops.

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just looking at the guy's face from the thumbnail, i know i shouldnt trust anything he says.

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That particular type of caulking gun IS a complete piece of shit and will deform under the pressure of trying to pump out 5200 or VulKem or anything but the cheesiest consumer grade painters caulk.

A real caulking gun is a thing of joy to use and once you do you'll be happy to toss those cheap garbage ones and never look back.

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I'm an American, keep your hands off my guns.