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have a noticeable bow in this slab of birch butcher block im going to be using as countertop. i assume its due to being on my garage floor for a couple days with swinging weather, but it was wrapped in shrink and boxed when i received it and never actually confirmed if it was ever straight to begin with. id like to get this stained sealed and installed asap.

whats the best or fastest way to get this straightened? should i just let it sit inside and see if it fixes itself? i read that a good method is to wet the less expanded side (concave side) and set the wood wet side down. thought about trying that + clamping to this flat table for awhile but figured id ask my fellow idiots if they have any wisdom.


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Flip it over and return it to the garage floor until it bows back, not even joking.
Teh moisture content will equalize an reduce tension

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Kind of depends on what actually happened...if it was straight and sat on a concrete floor and picked up moisture it should be curved like a rocking chair rocker with the convex side down...

If it is bowed upwards in the middle then that scenario is unlikely and it was either already bowed or something else caused it.

The water trick may work but if it picked up moisture just letting it dry with the bow oriented up so gravity works to flatten it is a good first step that may fix it...some extra weight can help too.

Being laminated it should be more stable against warping than solid wood and for a counter, ultimately you can do a lot to tweak minor irregularities when you install it...if it's within like 1/2" of flat over 6-8' or so, fit it, throw some weight on it to flatten the bow and screw it in place and it will stabilize quickly.

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thanks, going to give it a go