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How hard would it actually be to build something like—let's say—picrel? I'm talking about just the body of the thing, not factoring in utilities or anything of the sort.

I'm renting out what's essentially a patch of grass in a shitty neighborhood for around thirty-five bucks a month and was thinking of building myself a tiny hovel.

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>I'm renting out what's essentially a patch of grass in a shitty neighborhood for around thirty-five bucks a month and was thinking of building myself a tiny hovel.
You'll probably get told to fuck off by HOA/government niggers before you're done making your homeless shelter. Buy a camper trailer, it'll be nicer and you can move it easily.

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I could imagine the government intervening, but would the HOA even still function in a ghetto? A camper's a good alternative, but I really want the satisfaction of building something myself to compensate for my autogynephilic thoughts.

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I can assure you, if you're here asking "how easy is it to build a home" you'll save money, time and frustration and get a far better end product by just buying a camper.

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Literally a camper. A used one not from crackville. So you'll be pulling it from somewhere, probably hours away. HAVE A TRUCK. An actual truck w some weight to it. The advertised pounds it can pull, DOES NOT EQUATE to the weight of the trailer. If you get more than a tiny teardrop trailer for a car, you will get blown off the road. Trailer will take you and the car with it. Total everything.

Do not get a shed instead. You are living in the damn thing, not maintaining or storing lawn equipment.

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>You'll probably get told to fuck off by HOA/government niggers
NTA, but what's the worst thing they can do about it? I recently got a place where the community covenant pretty much says "no living in campers, trailers, tents, tiny homes, sheds, garages, etc" But there's no HOA, and the developer was a private company that dissolved when the owner fucking died. so who the fuck is going to enforce it, and what can they even do about it? I know the city can condemn and tear down structures, but I feel like they wouldn't be able to do a damn thing about a camper, especially if it's stealthed-out

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The alternative is living in a trailer, one your car or an accessible to you véhicule can actually tow out of there if troubles arise. A camper looks like a camper. A trailer can be made to still look like a trailer yet include all the basics you need. If you’re like me and you can shit in a dry toilet and have the mental power recruited not to piss in it, you really only need to manage water/food/clothing. Sleeping either using a hammock or camping gear. I’m drawing the plans and saving up myself for one. Did some test runs using the space available in my car.

With the current state of affairs, it is what it is. You and your car/trailer having a right to be here is more than some can can call home

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Only takes one miserable old fuck with too much time on their hands to set up some sort of HOA and start making everyone's life a misery. If it's in the covenant then it's always a risk

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foundation, flooring, sides one at a time, cladding, premade trusses (you planned for this right?) then roof, and shingles. the most difficult part is probably the door unless you buy one that is prehung. the biggest tool is a circular saw the rest is nails and a few screws.

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if it were difficult they wouldn't sell kits

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You'd have to look at the enforcement arm of those clauses. That's where you'll find the hoa. If there's no enforcement arm and no board, you might be okay. You can go talk to a hoa attorney for like $2-300 literally nothing in the costs of buying a home. Don't believe anything your realtor says, and don't follow any of their recommendations for people to inspect

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>no board, you might be okay
that's why I'm thinking I'm probably in the clear. The review board is a 3 person committee to be appointed by the property developer, so long as they own any unsold property in the subdivision. But like I said before, that dude is dead, and his company is folded. might be worth talking to a lawyer tho. not sure how much of that authority his kids inherited along with the property

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Why don't you just buy a shed and mod it?

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Poor Ted had it made yet his enormous ego was unable to reason. Instead of trying to end the advancement of technology he should have moved deeper into the woods.

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unless I was dead set on building it, I would just buy a readymade shed from Home Depot and modify it. they also sell shed kits.

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I mean, I understand the appeal of getting a pre-built, an skipping all the work. but most prebuilt sheds sit around for god knows how long, being subjected to homeless squatters and a million other detrimental BS conditions before you buy it "new". For my money, i'd rather buy a kit and just do the /diy/ for myself. or for that matter I could maybe just buy the raw materials for slightly cheaper than buying a kit

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That's a fucking shed

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This thread seems relevant enough for my question.

I'm planning on building a home with the help of experienced contractor family members in the next few years, and currently the plan is to modify pic related plans to be modern building code compliant. Thoughts?

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An idea of what the exterior could look like.

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>3 bed 2.5 bath
>9 fucking closets
>master bath smaller than other bath
>master walk-in accessible from hallway
>unnecessarily long hallway
I hate this floor plan so much. You'd need to change so much, I feel like you'd be better off just picking a different floor plan. Also don't trust family to work for you, and never work for your family.

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You make many good points.
I personally like lots of closets, and for the ones I don't want it's easy enough to remove them.
Enlarging the bathroom is childs play as well.
I'm not dead set on this floor plan, but after spending a few weeks looking through modern ones I can safely say fuck them, they're over designed to the point of disgust.
The edits you're suggesting are easily made for what it's worth.
And while I generally agree with don't work for your family, or work with them, it's something of a "family compound" we're building. Good reporte between us and a subdividing of rural land.

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> ler. If you get more than a tiny teardrop trailer for a car, you will get blown off the road. Trailer will take you and the car with it. Total everything.
Do Americans actually believe this? See pic related, about a million people in my country tow like this over the alps every year to reach Italy, some at 130kmh, it only fails like 100 times a year but almost never totals the car

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Those cars are pigfat anyways. Weigh more than a truck in the 80s and 90s did