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I need a way to sabotage his speakers that can't be traced back to me. Any advice?

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How about you quit being a spinless faggot and talk to him instead of damaging his property behind his back? Even if you do break them, he'll just buy more. Man up.

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Have you tried talking to him? Surely you both can be reasonable

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For the last time, Kenneth, don't refer to your father in that manner.

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typical millennial/zoom resorts to breaking things when they don't get their way.

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Stick a straight pin into speaker wires and break off so it doesn’t show. This works on coax, cat 7 etc…

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Buy some earplugs.

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Make him a mix tape with all your favorites on it that you recorded off fm radio,

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Smash them with a hammer and blame it on the blacks, bonus points if you smash them in front of him.
Either that or do this >>2780941 , you fucking puss.

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how about you just fucking kill yourself so he doesn't have to deal with your little baby bitch fits?

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If you're at the point you seethe at speakers like this but want to sabotage them without a back trace.
You should use microwaves.
Seriously, if you have zero empathy, zero balls and are a little bitch who is crying about speakers and is complaining about speakers while, assumedly using headphones then use microwaves.
I love speakers, during the day it's loud outside, it's loud when it rains, it's 3pm almost and it's still fucking loud.
If I want to enjoy something I can slide on some headphones or crank the volume and minimise the noise profile by closing doors, windows & vents. It's great.

If you do not have the balls to confront them or adjust or consider what's reasonable then yes, go the microwave route. Really it's the only sensible option when you consider you'll contact ass/ball cancer from seethe if ya don't.

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better idea, buy bigger speakers and blast them only when he is blasting his, as to create a deafening cacophony

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Super easy. Buy a crown xli800 or something else with tons of power. Wire it up, plug your ears, put on 5 minute alone by pantera and turn the knob all the way up. Return amplifier to amazon, never spent a dime.

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>love speakers, during the day it's loud outside, it's loud when it rains, it's 3pm almost and it's still fucking loud
I don't give a shit if he used them during the day. I care when it's 11 pm, I'm trying to sleep and he's obsessively watching fucking Caitlin Clark highlights on full blast

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You fucktards are retarded faggots. You THINK THIS NIGGER DOESNT KNOW HES BEINGT A SELFISH PIECE OF SHIT! I have a fucking neighbor like this. Fuck him. Melt all the connections inside the speaker box.

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You’re the faggot you cock sucking little coper

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Bad b8 m8. If you are actually OP, you should offer to trade your roommate a BJ for him turning his music down, since you're an emasculated fag.

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Bet you think of gay shit like all the time you fucking cock sucking aids ass bitch

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>noooo you can't listen to music with speakers

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Your brother is infinitely cooler than you are.
Headphones are for faggots

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>Caitlin Clark highlights

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brush some salt water on connector

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>boomer roommate
Wtf? What's the age gap? Why are you living with someone that's decades older than you?

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Add a resistor to cap the max volume

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>Add a resistor to cap the max volume

and a capacitor to resist the max volume

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>>Add a resistor to cap the max volume
>and a capacitor to resist the max volume
add an inductance to cancel out the capacitance

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>My boomer roommate
Lol! No he's not, ya twink.