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Anyone know anything cool you can make with tin cans? I have a lot of them.

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Pocket change

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Back in the 60s cut off both ends tape together to make long barrel. Use lighter fluid to shoot tennis balls

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Two cans long string…1940s cell phone

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Fill them with HDPE and melt it in the oven to make mallet heads

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Check out “tin plate girl”

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Buy a furnace and do some aluminium castings. Cast random shit, polish it up on a dremel and sell it on Etsy. Bet you'd get decent cash for an aluminium kitkat and they've got the draft angle built in

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tie a bunch to a string and then tie it to the tail of a dog and watch it run for miles lmao

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>tie it to the tail of a dog

how are so many /diy/ posters this retarded/subhuman?

Also: serious answer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelvin_water_dropper

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that's neat
here's another science one, an improvised radiation detector for red dawn

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It's a meme, relax.

Make a big bag of cans. Take to recycler. Profit.

How about packing them with red clay (we have a lot), then baking them in a kiln? Would the cylinders shrink and fall out? I'm wondering if that could be some kind of brick form building system. Not sure of the value of round, fired clay cylinders. On end, they would not be all that stable. On side, there would be gaps.

We have practically unlimited amounts of clay and natural gas. Large square bricks are an obvious 'yes', but we're also so poor, we have no covered area to do the prep in. Still, I am fascinated by the idea of even having a trailer (to get out of the near-rainforest level of rain here) to do this prep in, build a kiln, and start shitting out fired bricks that... should be impervious to weather.

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>shitting out fired bricks

this is genius
cylindrical clay bricks being fired out of potato cannons made from cans and fueled by natural gas
you could take over mexico with a couple hundred of those

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They are good as throw away crucibles for chemistry.

You can also make a propane forge if you fill them with refractory cement.

They would probably make good plant pots.

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take two, tie string between them, sell as off grid phones.

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Don't forget to wax the string otherwise it's just a meme.

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kek, the inventor of the uzi built the prototype out of tin cans

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You can cut both ends off of three and one from one. On the unopened side, poke eight triangular holes for pouring, equally spaced around the rim. Poke a centre hole with a nail. Duck tape them all together and toss in a splash of lighter fluid or alcohol and hold a lighter to the nail hole to make a noisy cannon that can shoot leaves and balls of tape.

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You can make a cannon that shoots tennis balls using a small dose of lighter fluid as the combustible..

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paint them black and make a solar water heater

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Cut both ends out, join them, use the resulting pipe (with homemade air pump) as the forced fresh air system for your hidden underground tunnel system.

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maybe not cool but Waypoint Survival has a lot of videos making stuff with tin cans https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9MyxLppsqJGC47Ck2cF5VRVYD3DH1Xpr&si=bT15YG2a61BIUq4o

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This is actually really interesting, thank you anon

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Rivet all the lids together to make a large shiny frisbee…laugh as it lops off kids fingers when they try and catch it

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Checked and kekd

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Got any nails, black powder and det cords laying around too?

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I would only use them vor heating food in an emergency. I'm not sure if they are save for food when you heat them or use them multible times with scratshes and rust.