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How do I start my own business?

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buy 10,000 of something from china

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File with the secretary of state. Start as an LLC sole proprietor. If you need firther assistance doing that contact a contract lawyer. They can do it for you. For a more exact description I need to know what you plan on doing. I've ran my own business for 10 years and am at the point where I'm fixing to sell. I can answer most questions I'll be one for an hour or so.

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Learn to do something, make some business cards.
Bust ass selling yourself and starve doing it.
Enjoy poverty as you re invest any profit you make.
Get busy have to hire fucking people, now you work for them. Drink heavily as you worry about keeping this monster fed you created. Pay your quarterly extortion money to uncle scam and workers comp. Go titts up with one health problem, sell everything to pay child support. Die

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I've started 3 businesses.

My current one is going great. What kind of business do you want to start? that determines a lot.

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Find something you're good at and charge people for doing it. Dick sucking would be good choice for you.

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Fuck does that work
Inb4 only 1000 sell

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It depends on what you want to sell. Do you want to sell a service or a product?
If you want to sell a product first you need the product. It goes without saying. Now some people try to work within the limitations. I don't want want to do that. I want to make the limitations work around me. For example some people would refrain from giving the robot big booba because it puts stress on the system. I'm going honest i kind of think booba is important.
Now there is different types of entrepreneurs ranging from coasting, to conservative to aggressive to revolutionary. You want to be aggressive onwards you hear. Now is not the time to be conservative.
Real estate is conservative for example.

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It can but it can also fail miserably. For every person making bank reselling some chinese gadget at an 800% markup there’s probably like 25-40 or more with basements filled with fidget spinners or whatever that they were sure they could sell. You have to do your research on the market and even if you do you have to recognize that if you make a business where your sole value is being a middle man the rug can get pulled from under you at any point. Chang can recognize your doing good sales and start warehousing the products stateside, sell for significantly less than you, and cut you out of the equation. If you really move units and are making bank places like amazon will take notice and will just make an amazon basics version of your product, bury your product in listings, and put theirs on top. You can definitely make money reselling bullshit but just recognize there is risk because at the end of the day you’re ultimately not actually providing any real value and if your product is popular someone will eventually figure out that cutting you out of the equation will improve margins

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Well I said now its not the time to be conservative. You might be doing well now but will you be doing well in the future? How many years do we have left before they pull the rug? You don't have to be evil. But you have to be a bit of what should we call it. Well a punk. Irreverent. I'm trying to help. I wish I had a solid group of people so we could all make it and do this thing like its supposed to be done. There's engineers here, but you guys are just observing...
What is the name of the channel? Trying to do the impossible. Because trying to do the impossible is what is required.
Want some ideas? Labware, 3d filament, paper clips... Don't just buy it and resell it. Make the machines so you can produce it. Specially if you are in the us. Your advantage is logistics. You can afford cheaper shipping.

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I do believe it makes sense in the us. You might think its not your area because you might watch how its made and you see these mammoth machines making things. But let's look at this objectively. Everything on say amazon.com starts out at $10. Most things and im low balling it. Now if you can make something fast enough say minutes. Well then you'd be making $10 per minute. Am I implying that most people are fools for paying these prices? That the stuff that they're making is overpriced? That they're fools for not trying to profit from this? The price value is crap? That making this things is within your reach? Yes, yes I am. In the us atleast.

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>How do I start my own business?
you have already failed.

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>You have to do your research
actually he doesn't. it's far easier to jump in blind with merely faith and a small bankroll.

now we're designing and producing, and have employees. no, this was supposed to be how does OP start his own business, none of that is necessary.

this would be dubious even if it weren't from a guy creating unspeakable horrors by rolling his prototypes in dirt before testing with his dick, unable to grasp even the most basic principles of production.

anecdotal evidence is pointless but consider a commodity like cardboard boxes, storage containers, or even stickers. advertise lots on fb marketplace or craigslist. sort something like bulk stickers by category or type and sell to local organizations. the world is full of infinite possibilities you just have to seize one.

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China will make our stuff for eternity is not a principle of production. There's been tarriffs on top of the cost of shipping stuff across the sea and rising chinese salaries. Stuff is so bad you might not even need employees and if you do there's a bunch of people crossing the border willing to work under the table these days.