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I bought a house a few months ago.

Had a really big storm last night so have water in the crawl space. Sump pump is doing its job and pumping water out but is that my only solution? Back yard basically dumps water through flower beds into the crawl space if it rains too much. Can't imagine that much water even if it only ocurrs during severe storms is a good thing. Any recommendations on fixing it?

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the only solution is to extend your sump basin around the entire permitter of the house

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>water in crawl space
front crawl space

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So its basically over.

I don't follow. I believe there is one crawl space under a house

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did you not do an inspection or did you buy a "handyman special"?

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type it into a search engine

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I had an inspection done. No issues per him. Under the house and I did go down there with him so he did look

Previous owner said it happens when there's heavy rain so he had the outside crawl space entrance sealed to help prevent it. So water only comes in through vents

See above anon. I get doors when I look it up.

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front crawl + water

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Getting swimming stuff now anon.

Regardless I found something that is definetly related. One of my pipes coming off the downspout on the back came off so water had pooled at that corner. Put it back on for now. Will have to come up with something better

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>Any recommendations on fixing it?
Regrade the yard is the easiest and cheapest way. Get the water flowing away from the house.

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In my experience, home “inspectors” are only good at inspecting their paycheck.

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Nta but either post something useful or shut the fuck up. I can’t imagine how autistic you have to be to get triggered by people asking diy questions on a diy board.

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Look up Gate City Foundation and Drainage YouTube channel. That's his whole business and his top videos show the concepts and his advice in motion. You either need to regrade your property or if that isn't really possible, a French drain around the perimeter to capture the water and then send it somewhere else.

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>I can’t imagine how autistic you have to be to get triggered by people asking diy questions on a diy board.