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the beach has claimed that Deere. there is nothing we can do.

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The beach was a made man and the Deere wasn't. And we couldn't do nothing about it.

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>skill problem
the excavator in picel took 2 days and 3 other excavators to get out. play stupid mud games, win stupid prizes

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it's weird to think that this is how all the diesel in the world was formed, by fossilized cats and deeres

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Even the best of us eventually come to know that 10 seconds of "Fuck. Fuuuuck. I shouldn't have done that. Fuck." But we all have to do our part and laugh when this happens to other people.

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Doesnt even look that stuck
Why cant you pull or push it out with the hoe?

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The look on their eyes as something tilts when it shouldn't is absolutely priceless.

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Its not a komatsu was his first mistake
Dirt workers are not known to be intelligent

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A lot of people don't know to quit when their ahead. Sometimes you're just stuck and fucking around is only going to make it worse. Quit. Get the fuck off the machine and go get another machine of bigger or equal size and get some help pulling the stuck machine out before you bury the damn thing deeper.

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I think you mean "deere's nothing we can do"

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Why doesn't it just dig itself out?

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as Andrew Camarata famously said once, "excavators don't get stuck", and not long afterwards he was in a lot with awful drainage and got his stuck down in a hole (pic related is not Andrew; some other world-class screw-ups)

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Dave Sparks would have it out by sunset.

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One option

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Damn, you're taking me back to 2nd grade. Looks like there's at least one other anon here that's old.

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The Deere should've gotten its fuckin' shinebox

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A 50 ton battle tank drivinbg across a big started to sink. Considering how awkward it is to get in and out of an MBT I am impressed the entire crew gout out in time. The MBT sunk, and will be a treasure find for archaeologists 1000 years in the future. They will wonder what gods this was a sacrifice to.