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Sup guys any idea why the washing machine won't drain when the hose is plugged into red but empties fine from the sink? Ty

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drains don't work for retards, that's why.

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You need a high loop. Pic related

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uuhh booster pump does not kick on until head pressure increases lower test wattage/hour usage for eco refund. becomes energy efficient if it dos not push the water high enough to go into the drain, but has to because it is a washing machine. i do not know experienced a similar issue

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>You need a high loop.
Yeah. But even higher. Get the loop in that pic right up against the bottom of the counter. Where it is now, it will back up into the d/w if there is even a little bit of water in the sink.

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Because that barbed fitting still has the plug in it you corn shucking lap slapping cat shlogger

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drain hose could be clogged up with gunk.

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This most probably, unless it used to work. This is why the overflow on my sink didn't work properly (and it was installed by a "professional"). They often leave a thin piece of plastic inside those fittings during production, you have to cut it out or heat a nail and melt it.