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There is no reason a concrete hole with some pvc in the ground should cost $60k+. I could buy a mini ex cheaper than that, dig myself and have a useful price of equipment at the end. How DIY is a pool?

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>How DIY is a pool?

If unskilled immigrants can do it, you can do it. Just look at videos on YouTube. It's really a simple as pouring concrete and keeping it smooth. They have a machine for blasting the concrete onto the spot like spray paint.

The cost of a swimming pool is in the labor and profit. There's no way you can fuck it up so get started now. Make sure you pull a building permit.

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Dont do it like that, pros with heavy expensive machines do it that way for a diy i would recommend you make the walls out of cinder blocks because that saves you from doing rebar and formwork in the walls, which is risky if you dont know what you are doing. You will not get around doing a proper foundation though but that is infknetly easier. Plaster of the cinder blocks with at keast 1cm of cement plaster, dont put lime in it. When laying the blocks already put in the pipe pieces for intake and outtke of the water for the plumbing later on. If the ground freezes to a point lower than the base of it you should do layer of say 30cm of gravel underneath because otherwise freezung expanding water in the ground will lift it and rip off the pipes.

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Dont forget that the space between the wall exterior surface and the soil has to be filled up with gravel as well to keep save from expanding water as well as organic matter which will destroy concrete through generation of salty pete

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Go with a natural swimming pool and there will be even less expense involved.

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i have a natural swimming pool that i fill with grey water and recycled dog urine ama

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>pic rel
God DAYUM that is a stylish and attractive gentleman

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Where I live you just dig out, reinforce slightly with some quick set concrete and put in a big polyester pool tub. As long as there’s water in it the walls won’t cave in. Many people diy their pool. I think in Spain you just hire one or two guys with a concrete mixer and he’ll do a pool over 2 months or so