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Why does all car security suck ass and never actively deter car thieves? The usual suspects are breaking into cars even without valuables in plain view, whether to try stealing the car or to find things hidden, they dont fucking care anymore and its only getting worse.

Logic dictates instead of initiating alarms AFTER the fucking break in, (also thieves have learned how to break windows without setting off vibration/sound alarms) one could theoretically deter smash and grabs with a light activated device, since thieves first shine lights all over the cab before breaking in.
The alarm itself could be as undisruptive as a bright flash or beam directed at one or more windows, and possibly also a camera. And the setup could be as easy as setting the device in or around the center console, where thieves always shine a light

Of course there are issues to this, like the light from an above streetlamp, or the fact it would only really work at night. Does anybody know if an antitheft decive like this exists? Or even a way to juryrig one myself? Im going absolutely insane and Im liable to personally bag one of these subhumans if I didnt know the city would arrest me instead.

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>never actively deter car thieves
No pain no gain. If the door is opened with the alarm on it should be painful and require medical attention. Not until then could we tell whether it's a desperate lunatic robbing us or just some opportunist having figured out there's no cops or superheroes on the sidewalk.

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Because it’s a balance of false alarms vs actually doing something. OEMs err away from false alarms because they don’t want a million customer complaints. Aftermarket alarms are more sensitive but no one uses those really anymore. And arguably those lower your security anyway because increased false alarms make you more likely to not take alarms seriously and respond more slowly when they do occur. I had a friend back in the early 2000s with a shitty viper on his shitty mustang that would go off all the time and he wouldn’t even check, he would just keep the keys with him all the time and disarm it from his house or wherever. Anyway your idea is impractical because you’d have to account for the fact that a good percentage of a car is windows that let in sunlight and that sunlight is present for much of the day. You could just program logic that says when all sensors are flooded with light it’s daytime and to ignore but then you will get all kinds of false positives because of random shadows and shit plus how do account for sundown/sunup without a ton of other false positives. Also how do you do it in a way that doesn’t create a back door: if you do what I just said criminals would just need a spotlight that hits all sensors to disable your system basically. Consider living somewhere less shitty and/or a garage. I have a garage, it’s very nice, highly recommend

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>Buy new super anti-theft deterrent for car
>System bugs out
>Pull door handle
>Legs chopped off by the security system
>"At least my car didn't get stolen"
Such is life in Ameristan.

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Self calibration.
If the light increases slowly you can ignore it, if one sensor suddenly detects a significant increase in light in a short period of time, trigger.

Just buy a RF dual zone sensor which gives a warning alarm when someone get s close enough to look through the window.

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I was thinking more like a handheld unit that could be easily placed and removed. defeating the sensor isnt really an issue since its active deterrant. car thieves expect red alarm indicators and vibration sensors, not a bright light flashing back at them (which makes a thief assume the owner was watching them).
I originally got the idea from hitting my keyfob at a distance when I see someone hanging around my car. of course many people walk past cars on the sidewalk all the time.

either way it seems like no one has ever produced such a thing and i dont have the electronic knowhow to build it

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so make it then
the fuck are are asking here for?

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The tech is better than it has ever been. One of the few good things teslas have is a great camera system that captures every angle and records it. The problem is police no longer investigate theft anymore, they just take the info down and recommend you file a claim with your insurance.

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Set off your car's alarm, watch as 99% of people ignore it.

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Your post gave me an interesting idea. You aren't going to get rid of car thieves with a default alarm, and you can't make an alarm good enough to actually deter them without either breaking a law or making false positives REALLY annoying. So, I got to thinking, what are alarms supposed to do really? give the theif the idea that someone has been alerted and is coming to stop them. So make an alarm that does exactly that. Record your voice saying something like...

"Come on motherfucker, you really think you are getting my shit that easily? I'm heading down with my piece so just fuck off and save me cleaning out some bloodstains."

Set this up on some kind of trigger that goes off if the glass breaks or the door opens without an rfid tag nearby. If you want to get fancy actually stick a sim card in the device so it will call you when your car is being broken into so you can make good on the threat.

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Need to make one of these anon

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Do you think car thieves are going to be deterred by a light flashing back at them when a loud alarm doesn’t stop them? Either way the project you describe is really not that hard to make, a photo sensor that triggers a light source, basically. Read some electronics tutorials and make it happen, it really won’t be all that difficult. Probably won’t be all that effective but it will be silent so at least you won’t bother your neighbors at 3am when it gives false alarms

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Wrong person

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lol yeah just rig a turret that sprays pepper spray on the roof

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i thought about a voice recording as an alarm before. thats a really good idea, but im more interested in figuring out how to stop the break in first. a recorded message might be as good as a light, if not more annoying

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loud alarms dont stop them because they already broke in. the idea is to have an alarm that activates before the break in: Thieves wont break in if they think theyve been spotted already.

the only thing I can think of is two light sensors, (one pointed at one window) wired to really bright LEDs (also aimed at the windows)

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I thought about doing that for car jackers while driving. with the trigger mounted near the lock switch or steering column

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>Thieves wont break in if they think theyve been spotted already.

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>Thieves wont break in if they think theyve been spotted already
That's only true in counties that actually prosecute criminals, and in that case, they already get hunted down like dogs after the first report of a break in.

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i mean caught in the act. where i live car thieves still run when theyve been seen. thats the point of a preemptive alarm. thieves generally only operate when they think its dark and secluded enough, but maybe in some places people just watch break ins happen in broad daylight or something

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It's not in the act, but it should cause them to be caught quickly: using a GPS tracker. Do NOT post any signage that such a tracker is present, though.

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I'm sure you've seen cars with alarms that chirp whenever someone is even close to the car. If you stay for more than 10 seconds usually the full alarm is triggered.

I think you will understand that the main reason that this type of system is not ubiquitous is that the number of false alarms would be overwhelming. A good alarm works on the principle that it informs the owner or a security detail of a possible intrusion or tampering. For instance if your neighbor's car alarm frequently went off for no apparent reason, it would piss you off for obvious reasons, and doubly so if the alarm in his car sounded the same as the one in yours.

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I think you’re seriously overestimating the common sense of dipshit teenage scumbags and junkies. That said again a basic proof of concept for something like this should be not that difficult of a project if you desperately want to try it out. Make sure to put a webcam on the car so you can actually verify if it works and not end up ascribing a coincidental streak of no one fucking with your car to your weird idea being good

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Hows life in the shitty? Woke and vibrant?

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make a doll of a dangerous looking dog and just always have it in the backseat. bonus points if it moves now and then...

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>taking delight in the misery of good people
Well you should move there. Sounds like you’d fit right in.

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>car alarm goes off every time a car drives by

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I rather stay in my white town where I dont need to lock my car doors.

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We should laugh at all the hillbillies that don't know the joys of crime, quakes, and hurricanes.

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Get a Magnavolt and never worry about vehicle theft again.

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Rookie mistake. You.leave the doors unlocked so they don't break the windows. You gotta leave some everclear and brownies on the dash otherwise mr. Hobo will leave you a steamer on the seat.

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Imagine living in such a hellhole that simply not standing out as a target isn't enough to deter a break in.

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they may not have common sense, but they have done it many times. and ive seen it happen just as often and they all do the same thing, at the same time, in the same places. they roll in and out of a block and can check every car in less than a minute.
The systems we have now are simply not good enough and it baffles me why there isnt any serious pursuit of better solutions. considering how common its becoming

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sounds good on paper, but dogs often react to the presence of people walking by. id be more concerned about my neighbors thinking theres a dying animal in my car

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well in san fransisco they have to keep their windows rolled down when they leave their cars parked. at that rate I dont think any alarm system is going to prevent break ins and is probably cheaper to move, in the longrun

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And pepper GEL. SABER brand. if you're going to carry.

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Yes and talk shit to people that suffer having been born into it. You know what other kinds of people take joy in causing misery in others?

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I'm pretty sure anon didn't *cause* your misery. Unless hurting your feelings is a crime now.

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I’m not that anon faggot. Im fortunate enough that I don’t have to worry about any of it. I also don’t remember mentioning the other anon committing any crime so nice strawmaning. I’m sorry your triggered by me simply pointing out that decent people don’t kick others when they’re down and the fact that you think any action is ok as long as it’s not illegal kinda proves my point sweet cheeks.

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>accusing someone else of being triggered when your post smells of butthurt
Don't worry though, I'm sure you cityfags will find a solution, apparently you're all supposed to be le epic super-geniuses by virtue of living like sardines.