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How do you prevent your house from becoming radioactive?

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Same problem, if I had the money I'd install radon barrier which is just fancy pants plastic sheeting. Since I cant afford ripping up the floor I just keep windows open and good ventilation throughout the house

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open the fucking windows

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You don't. You sell nights in your basement to people afflicted with rheumatisms.

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radon is a jewish scam to sell you undercoating for your basement

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The dangers of Radon are exaggerated. At low levels it's actually beneficial to health compared to no Radon (assuming you are a non-smoker).

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Hello Pepa, how's the weather in High Tatras?

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Looks like he's extrapolating based on an extremely small data set.

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look up a map of
- radon levels by county
- lung cancer by county
- smokers by county
you will see that lung cancer rates are lower in counties with radon, except where there is high levels of smoking.

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Radon levels vary a lot in every country so this is useless

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You need COUNTY level data, or whatever your local municipalities are called.

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do your countries (states whatever) not require radon mitigation? the threshold in both states I've lived in is 4ppm with windows closed and current house was 8. A 4" pvc pipe in the foundation sump (dry) an external fan and exhaust above the roofline and it's down to next to nothing.

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A slight overpressure in the house to prevent Rd gas seeping in, or sink a borehole under your foundation to givbe the gas a quicker way out.
I tried the firmer, and it helps, but I will also have to do the latter, having up to 500 Bq/m^3 on a bad day.

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This is the solution. Anything under 4ppm is fine and if it is higher you just have this type of system installed. No need to install barriers or rip up floors.

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Are you telling me in burger land it's normal for radioactive gas to get inside your house? I'm from the upside down, we have many various lengths of nope ropes that will kill you quickly but no poison gas. Is your house built over an old dump or something I really just don't understand.

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radon is healthy dont listen to these anti radon device sellers, people pay money for radon theraphy

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>Are you telling me in burger land it's normal for radioactive gas to get inside your house?
All the nuclear testing in America caused the groundwater to be polluted with radioactive isotopes. These isotopes linger for centuries, and when they decay, they turn into Radon gas.
Anyway, the basement is usually very damp (which means all that radon-contaminated water and soil collects there) plus radon is much denser than air causing it to stay in the basement.
That's why mutts have a radon problem.

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Lol no

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me on the train

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radon is present wherever there is granite bedrock close to the surface and people have basements. go be stupid somewhere else.

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don't live in a 40 sqft house with nothing but a shower and a permanently inaccessible basement?

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>pure coincidence and 100% natural causes, don't blame the gov for contaminating your soil
i see your tricks glow nigger

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Radon is not a real problem.