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noticed the sewing thread was gone and i wish to discuss it

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can someone help me identify these?
from my research on the left is the tapestry needles and darning needles
embroidery on the right
and next to those are my sharps?
i also have betweens and chenilles in here but i cant tell those apart yet

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Anyone join a quilting club or guild? I work from home and never leave my house or socialize but enjoy quilting. I'm not sure if I would enjoy doing it socially and have no idea what the vibe would be like.

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Try it? It's not like you can't quit if it's not your thing!

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i didnt even know that that was a thing?
i also encourage you to try it and report back your results!

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anyone else feel like the quality of polyester thread is very "all over the place"
i got one spool of polyester that snaps and unravels on a whim, but another for 50 cents that was tough to snap and held clothing together
the sad part is that it is common though cheap
so i mainly use it to practice with,
what threads do you guys use for your projects?

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my mom was in the quilter's guild when i was little, the vibe was married ladies in 40-65 age bracket gossiping while quilting.
if you are a 30 year old single man DO NOT

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Anyone have a ~$300 machine they like? My 70's Kenmore only has outer feed dogs on the bottom which makes feeding stretch material harder than it should be, even with a walking foot attachment.

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Can I damage my sewing machine by sewing paper? I like small diy sketchbooks for drawing and making them with a machine (especially with a jeans needle) is very quick and easy.

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if its one or two sheets of paper your machine should be fine, i saw that there is a paper that you can sew over and then wash out but i never used it or know its actual name

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growing up we had a drawer of every cut off piece of material since 1970, it was very kino. as a kid I would use old tee shirts and try to salvage necks or sleeve hems. today I don't have a scrap of anything, nor even old clothes to cut up.

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lol reminds me of when i found a video of some woman using cardboard to practice sewing

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i just heard someone say that threads sitting on a spool can get old
if they can get old on the spool, then how come they dont get old after you sew with them

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the only issue with old thread that I've had (I got a bunch from gamgam) is that old cotton thread will fray over time on the spool which makes sewing with it harder (thread tension, skipping stitches, etc). So if it's already in the clothes then it's not an issue because you aren't having to actively work with it.

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I wanna make a big zabuton with 5 cm thick foam inside. It would have a zipper on one side for removing the foam if I wanted to wash the cover.

What's the best way to draft this? If I want it to be rectangular and blocky then should I have 5 cm tall strips for the sides instead of just adding that to the top and bottom pieces regular pillow style?

How should I handle the zipper in that case? Do I just put it in the seam of either the top or bottom of one of the seams for these 5cm tall strips?

Bear in mind it will be my first zipper, so it's a bit hard for me to visualize. For some reason every commercial pillow and rectangular item I can conjure in my head had the zipper in the middle of the side, which would require two 2.5 cm (+ seam allowances) strips I guess?

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I don’t want to buy a pattern and I don’t have a printer. Would this just be a big square or rectangle?

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Yes, basically--a rectangle, with a diagonal slice for the zipper, that gets inserted, folded, and sewn down the sides. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNvzDElF_T8

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He will get gang raped?

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Is this fixable ?
It's a Milwaukee backpack if it's relevant.

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So no one wants to make the thread proper? OK... guess we got about 3 months before this one dies.

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yeah mentally

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polyester is usually stronger than natural

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my buttonhole looks like an axe would now what

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