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How much to build one of these bad boys in a fly over state?

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this is such a worthless low effort thread.
You should be shamed

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I've looked into some prebuilt manufactured homes and even the small ones are at least 100k. Add to that your land plus possible utilities hookups, you're looking at 150k maybe

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What is low effort? I want to build a traditional home

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I don't want a shitty mcmansion or trailer. I want something that will last generations.

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Not talking about a trailer, and actual normal home that's built in a factory and shipped. I've heard that their quality is on par or better with built-in-place structures

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I once lived in one of those "double wide trailer" modular homes, that's what factory built home usually makes me think of. That said, I think a lot of McMansions are slapped together with essentially mass produced factory kits.

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Yea, a lot of people make that mistake when they start talking about "manufactured homes". From what I know, the industry differentiates between "mobile homes", "modular homes" and manufactured homes", they're all different.

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Do you even play piano?

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>I don't want a shitty mcmansion or trailer. I want something that will last generations.
Laws are written so this isn't possible anymore, sorry senpai.

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True enough. You are faced with either building an illegal hovel that the county/city/state can tear down on a whim, AND/OR fine you all your potential life's income for, OR paying upwards of $400,000.00 for an over-engineered piece of crap that won't fit your needs, looks exactly like every other boring box, and reeks of formalin chloride until it inevitably dissolves in 5-15 years...

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$300 per sq. ft.

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What about steel frame barndo homes? Those last a while and you can get the cost to under $80 a foot if you hang the sheet rock yourself and maybe mud/sand it yourself too.

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You don't have to worry about laws when it's my own land outside of HOAs

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Why bother building it?
You can buy these all day long for 150-200k on 2 acre plots in middle america. Go 3-4 miles outside of the major cities, into small white towns and they are plentiful.

The housing market boom didnt actually happen in these places

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In ghettos around midwest cities. I mean on larger plot in rural areas.

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>under $80/sq.ft.

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>In ghettos around midwest cities.
It depends.
Sure there are straight black ghettos, but houses there go for nothing. I see teardowns selling for 5k or trade for a running vehicle type shit.
Its really not that hard to find an older, rural, white areas with acceptably priced housing.
If you want to border on white trash category its even cheaper into the ~100k and under.

Everyone whines about rural living, or flyover country and all that, but they havent even looked.
They just go for rich suburbs, or if they do go far enough out they look in areas with HOA Cookie Cutter new subdivisions.

Protip, those cooker cutter subdivisions are usually only a few miles from older ones with reasonably priced houses.
And they dont build those new subdivisions next to negros, they build them in small christian white towns.

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I acquired 20 acres of former forestry land for $220,000 two years ago, and just want to put a cabin on it. My state apparently doesn't allow "just a cabin" anymore. It has to be a 1br or larger house with everything a renter would want in it.

Why? I'm not building it for a renter. I want to live how I want to live and who the hell are they to tell me what I need to be happy?

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Start here, I guess. Not a bad video.

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Ah. You meant w/o site prep and any hookups, permits, well/septic, etc. Yeah. Got it. Minimum triple that cost then.

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Sears 100 years ago

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Site prep and permits aren’t going to triple the cost per square foot. If you watched to the end, he gave ways to save money and drive the cost down more. This is /diy/ after all, do you want to save money or not? Place looked pretty sturdy to me.

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I have been pricing bardominium kits for years now, and that is not where the cost is here.
See, I already own the land, so I can't just drop everything and move to the flyovers.
In my county, a foundation slab is Required for any and all occupied permanent structures, no exceptions. Wells run $15,000 to $20,000, a three bdrm septic runs $25,000 to $50,000, almost all plumbing connections have to be done by a qualified pro, and that's before you get hosed by the local PUD for a power pole, transformer, and line at anywhere between $15,000 to $45,000, depending on easements.
And then, after all that, I'm still stuck with an ugly low-peak-roofed box that looks like a garage- and no amount of DIY is going to fix that.
I know you mean well, but barndominiums are just as much a meme as thos $2,000 Chinese mini-trucks were a few years back.

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>Modular house: Stick-built modules are constructed in a factory, shipped to the site on oversized flatbed trucks, and placed on a normal foundation
>Panelized house: Stick-built wall panels are constructed in a factory, shipped to the site on flatbed trucks, and placed on a normal foundation
>Mobile/manufactured house: "Foundation" is a vehicle frame

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>See, I already own the land, so I can't just drop everything and move to the flyovers.
Sell it and move to somewhere less cucked, cuck.

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>everything where I am is insanely expensive compared to a more rural area
>that means the whole concept is dumb
Retarded and tiresome. Good luck to ya.

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Corrected for inflation this is $70k and I think that’s pretty close for the structure as it was you would have gotten it back then. In 2024 $30k for non-primitive electrical and plumbing, then some $10-$20k for insulation and hvac. And some extra for code compliance. $100k probably gets you a long way

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These days maybe $400k in a low cost of living area. The issue is not materials but the absurd cost of license and regulations that can eat up to 25% of new home costs.

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French kiss a live cobra. I like it here, my job is here, my family is here, all my friends are here, it doesn't reek of cow/chicken shit and coal smoke, and I don't have religion cucks telling me how to live my life.
>compared to a more rural area
My nearest neighbor to the West is thirty miles away, anon. That's not an exaggeration. It's a river, then reservation land to the East.
They don't make it much more rural than this.
I want to make the land I own work, not some piece of shit worked out superfund site in the flyovers.

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>French kiss a live cobra.
I'll tonguepunch a gaboon viper's fartbox, but you'll still be a cuck who is living in Cucksville. Just because you live in Tard County doesn't mean that building a shed costs $400,000 in the real world.