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First time posting here or even coming to this board, I just don’t know where else to go because I’m struggling to find an answer.

I’m building a home made tattoo gun from recycled electronics, I have actually made a working model already and decided to make a better design. I used solder to join the metal pieces; a LOT of solder. It’s 40tin/60lead solder for connecting the joints and stuff. I have actually never used solder before, and I know it looks like shit even after I sanded it down and stuff, I’m fine with that. The main thing is that I’m wondering if the dried solder that’s on there still has health risks, and if so would a spray paint coating prevent that (it’s the only stuff I have right now)?

Sorry if I’m breaking some rule I’m just not sure where to go from here. Keep in mind also that I have zero experience with any of this stuff, I basically have just been trapped at home and decided to build stuff, and I’ve been teaching myself as I go.

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Also there’s a lot more solder there I just used this picture to show an idea of what I’m talking about. But there’s solder holding this curved metal tubing to a folded piece of metal, as well as solder holding the motor to the top.

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The solder has not even 0.1% of the health risk that a /diy/ tattoo gun has, so I wouldn't worry about it. Also sanding the lead and inhaling the dust is many orders of magnitude more dangerous than touching lead solder.
But yes, you can paint it to reduce/eliminate contact exposure, it's just that the danger is really small already.

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Considering the tattoo machine is gonna be pretty much used either on fake skin or at most myself, I’m not worried about bloodborne pathogens and stuff. I use actual sterilized tattoo needles and wrap my machine so I’m not worried about other issues considering I follow standard procedures for cleaning my area and stuff. I’m more just wanting to make sure if I am handling it that I’m not gonna get lead on my hands every single time.

Is spray paint gonna be enough for that?

(Ty for the info about sanding and stuff and for not going too hard on me. I’m new to all this)

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Yes, spray paint is good enough so long as you don't rub it off. But again, touching pure lead isn't really dangerous at all. If you ever sand lead or solder, maybe wear a mask while doing it, because those lead particles you inhale stay in your lung forever, some of the lead gets resorbed into your blood stream. This is still not dangerous at all if you're only doing some light sanding 1-2 times a year, but if you were doing it every day, then it'd definitely add a few percent to your lifetime cancer risk. Same applies to just about every potentially carcinogenic material as well as radioactive materials.

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>to your lifetime cancer risk
except that's not what lead poisoning is.

most dangerous for developing children, hopefully you won't be letting them use this. also why are you fucking welding everything like you're filling in rust dents in a car? a few tack soldiers is going to be enough and a lot cleaner. you could even drill 3 holes in the flat part of the tab and soldier inside those to the tube for a much cleaner final project.

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I’m doing it this way because it’s my first time using it and wasn’t sure how well the pieces would hold because it was my first time ever using a soldering iron and some of the metal is aluminum. I can’t leave or buy new stuff, I’m trapped at home with a busted car in the middle of nowhere and I can’t buy anything I don’t have already because I spent my last dollar on food to get me through til my next check. So I’m just kinda working with what I got. I don’t even have drills or anything. All the work I’m doing I have to do with my hands or hand tools.

I don’t really care how it looks as long as it’s comfortable, this is just for me. I didn’t post here to show anything off, I know it’s garbage. I just have nothing else to do with my time and thought it would be fun to try and teach myself a bunch of new skills

For context, I hadn’t even touched a soldering iron before working on this piece. So personally I think I’m doing halfway decent for just a personal project considering everything that.

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Chronic lead poisoning includes increased risk of cancer as a major mechanism of mortality.

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>Poor, making bad life choices, tattoos.

Ah yes the perfect trifecta.

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Yeah you laugh now but my boyfriend loves having a gremlin gf to make bad decisions with. We’re gonna be blowing up stumps next weekend and maybe some other stuff.

(With pipe bombs)

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