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I'm not very savvy, but I'm not a total retard

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You can quickly get into legal trouble being a script kiddy retard
You are on a list even buying it

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send your own credit card info back to russia automatically without knowing it ever happened

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You could quickly do a ton of damage since most infosec is pure theater. Society runs on hopes and dreams of you never buying one

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>realistically, what would I do with this?
spend $200 that would've been better spent on booze or something. waste a week and a half and 30 hrs watching jewtoob videos on how to use it. successfully fuck up the programming on your tv remote and key fob. get pissed and toss it in a drawer where the batteries die slowly like your soul

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>learn to code Joe Biden
Wait a second you can code that zombie Joe Biden with one of these? I thought his speech sounded like a poorly programmed bot.

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in america where all garage door openers use the same static code and the peasants revolt against chip and pin you could probably use it to break in to fort knox.
anywhere else in the world where at a minimum rolling codes have been mandatory in essentially every application for over a quarter century, it is entirely useless.

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You'd be surprised. People with a cheap chink thermal sensor can spy on people coming in and out using keypads. Corporate espionage through people holding the door open for others and other fairly low level attacks are still very, very effective today.

Tons of systems themselves may be secure in a perfect vacuum, but quickly fall apart when you start observing the environment it's in. For example consider a public-key based digital authentication electromagnetic lock. You'd think it'd be impossible to get in without a keycard. Yet a kid with a spool of copper wire and a nail can still walk in no trouble if they use a bit of creativity if the design in the wall was anything but perfect.

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Lol. Lmao. Yeah maybe in the cucked troon nation of Cucknada. Take your meds schizo.

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Digital suppository

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Steal things.
But the people interested in this thing are far to scared to do any real crime with them.
A black guy with a hammer can do anything this thing can do, and is far more likely to actually do crime.

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>in america where all garage door openers use the same static code
Maybe in the 90's, not anymore though.

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My garage door is from the 90s

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Buy an ad

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>realistically, what would I do with this?
it's literally useless

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none of that has anything to do with

so its even less useful. thanks good to know.

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this post glows

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Of course it does. The entire theater is a swiss-cheese of a fort, there are myriad of holes anyone with a tool can exploit

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i guess the flipper is a useful tool after all, for example, you can tie a bit of string to it and slide it into a door behind someone with a security pass to stop it from closing in order to gain access to secure areas.
or use showing its dolphin tamagotchi to someone as a distraction in order to pick a key from their pocket.

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Sure. There's no list of sanctioned official attack vectors. If your goal gets fulfilled it doesen't really matter how you did it.

Personally I'm aware of several vulnerabilities in atleast millions of devices. Hopefully we've got a fix before next official update. You could cause very real damage by abusing them.

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I bought one and i have done nothing with it.

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I know that feel anon

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LMFAO you could have attached ANY picture you ever posted on this site to accompany that comment you didnt need to go take a new one.

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>salvaged capacitors in lower left
I have that too, not sure what I'll ever do with them aside from occasionally repairing a power supply of something.
So far it's been a cheapo walmart radio and a NiCad battery charger.
Also have a bunch of 300 volt caps from disposable cameras.

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The Flipper Zero has become my remote control for all kinds of things. Mine is running Unleashed OS and it is packed with functionality. Mine is set up to control all of the tvs, soundbars, fans, and ac unit. I also have it set up as a backup remote for my Ford Transit. I use it several times a month to access a parking garage and not pay for it. I've cloned a hotel room card key. I can control the jukebox at many restaurants. I can change the channel of the tv at the bar without asking. I use it as a bluetooth controller during PPT presentations. Oh, and I play Tetris on it too.

This thing is great for learning about all kinds of wireless technology.

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Explain to a computerly inept person how you go about hacking a parking garage gate… do you have to intercept a signal first or like sweep signals or what?

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get v&

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Over 400$ for this?

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These are so stupid and useless. I regret buying one.
You even need windows 10 just to use it

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>need windows 10
Uhhhhhh no

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>The Flipper Zero has become my remote control for all kinds of things
no it hasnt
>and it is packed with functionality
no it isnt
>Mine is set up to control all of the tvs, soundbars, fans, and ac unit.
nobody cares
>I also have it set up as a backup remote for my Ford Transit.
nobody cares
>I use it several times a month to access a parking garage and not pay for it
no you dont
>I've cloned a hotel room card key.
no you havent and who cares
>I can control the jukebox at many restaurants.
no you cant
>I can change the channel of the tv at the bar without asking.
maybe you could but you dont
>I use it as a bluetooth controller during PPT presentations
who cares and no you dont
>Oh, and I play Tetris on it too.
LOL with what a microscope? wow my hacking tool can play tetris it must be 1337. retard.

>This thing is great for learning about all kinds of wireless technology.
no its not

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>Explain to a inept person how you go about hacking a parking garage gate… do you have to intercept a signal first or like sweep signals or what?

fixed it for you

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unless you're an active pentester, it's pretty much just a neat toy to show off.

some of the unoffical firmwares actually add more (and illegal) functionality. i think the main two right now are unleashed and xtreme

all it basically does is copy and repeat wireless signals, and some bluetooth attacks. it can also do limited wifi attacks with an expansion board. nothing it can do is anything new, it's just the most diverse and compact tool in the field.

the main takeaway is that it can't "open" anything without copying the original signal at least once. but it's nice because you can copy as many as you want and play them all back on demand

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>no you cant! no one cares! YOUR WRONG!!

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Look, I don't know who hurt you, but it certainly wasn't me. I hope your day gets better.

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>unless you're an active pentester, it's pretty much just a neat toy to show off.
fuck off no 'pen tester' has use for this shit. lmfao.

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>trust me bro, I'm an elite hacker myself
go back to your containment board you /g/ook

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Exactly this is why I believe we don't have to wait fifty years for a dystopic cyberpunk future, we're already living in it.
From 1991 until 2011, about 1.5 million Ford Crown Victoria were produced, the vast majority of which for police, sheriff and taxi use. Picrel unlocks about 95% of them.
In the same vein, the vast majority of construction machines (excavators, bulldozers, forklifts etc.) use a very small selection of about 10 keys which you can get just as easily on ebay.

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Almost forgot:
>Society runs on hopes and dreams
As does public infrastructure. You wouldn't believe how easy it is for a lone actor to disable the grid, cut off logistic hubs or lock down entire cities.
Just as a teaser:
Frankfurt is one of the most important european cities. It hosts the european central bank, the Frankfurt stock exchange and one of the most important european internet nodes.
Its entire metropolitan area relies on a mere three switching stations.

Shoutout to my FBI agent. How are the kids?

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Just a reminder that Troon is a word that originated on the Something Awful forums, and is specific to the SA forum. Calling someone a troon means they are a trans poster at something awful. Anyone who uses this word is either one of a small group of nazis who were kicked off the site a decade ago, or a dumb fuck kiwi who mimics the word without knowing what it means.

If you are the former, hey whats up. Did SS forums ever go back online? If the latter, please get fucked

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nah, troon is a place in cave creek arizona

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It's amazing how strong and high the line in peoples' heads is.

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>he doesn't know

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Isn't this shit overpriced for what you could DIY instead?

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I enjoy using it on tvs and displays in public. It's nice to be able to change the channel on a tv at a bar or restaurant.

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what a pathetic larp. any speg that owns and knows how to use one of these things has probably never set foot in a bar, and would be too nervous to even flag the bar maid down for a refill, let alone play with the tv from the back corner

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>be me
>repair contractor for big box retailer
>get work order
>light fixture at cash register 'open' sign not working
>I ditch fixtures guts
>buy chinesium adhesive LED kit that includes cheap remote control
>simple install inside existing acrylic box on pole at cash register
>Copy the remote control onto my Flipper Zero
>Throw away oe remote
>invoice big box retailer $1250.00
>months go by and i am at that store shopping
>I turn sign off with Flipper
>receive work order in two days
>stop by and turn it back on with Flipper
>invoice another $1250
>have 3 year contract for sixty stores

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>SA mentioned
go back to gibbis

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u glow so hard it burned my retina

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Military vehicles don't have keys at all. They have padlocks. You can drive off with anything, from a Humvee to an Abrams using a pair of bolt cutters or basic lockpicks. Hell, most unarmored wheeled vehicles don't even have it on the outside. Tanks have a padlock on the hatches so you can't get into them without removing it. Humvee and trucks have it on the inside. Their is a cable that you padlock to the steering wheel so you can't turn. You can start it up and drive it though. You could make off with a motor pools worth of vehicles by just driving them onto the backs of flatbed trucks.

Our company has several Ford Focuses of different years. Every single key opens every single door. Only the correct key will start it though. Its annoying as fuck.

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There was a kickstarter or something for a similar product and people in my company goes wild for it. Even they admit that "it will probably collect some dust in a drawer", I honestly don't understand all MUST CONSUME, let alone useless product like this

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Back in the day gramps.
Now they have keypads, you need a code

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holy based

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Based hell….I despise a thief

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Got to an airport and start messing around with stuff until you get V&

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Ok boomer. It's time for your meds and a nap.

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How hard would it be to get into my colleges rfid locked rooms with this?

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Easy if you have an RFID tag you can copy.

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I found a great use for mine. After it arrived from kickstarter, i fiddled with it for about 4 hours over 6 months, including a few basic circuits and simple scripts. Played with a few gates, doors, teslas, etc etc. pointless and less effective than my existing setup. It was about then a bunch were rejected from the US? About 6 months later, i sold it for twice the price i paid. Best idea ever.

There is currently a similar product on kickstarter, ending in about a week. No fuckin dolphin to fondle this time tho

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that piece of shit is $200? lmaooo i was expecting $50

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