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How to build container houses? Just pour a slab foundation then plop a container on top of it, connect the bathroom and kitchen to sewer and water?

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Or just bury it….nodody thought about that

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depends where/the climate. condensation and insulation is a bitch on containers. It's why you see them in Australia/new Zealand but rarely in Canada.

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You don't need a foundation, just use railroad ties.

That's what I did, just level them off with a string line ot laser if you're fancy

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Weld an axle and hitch on it make a camper

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You can spray them with foam and then shotcrete them in Northern climes.

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considering the temp difference can be over 50C you're gonna spend all of your internal space on insulation. It just ain't worth it if you have winters.

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because it'd fucking collapse
containers only have structural integrity on the pillars at the corners, if you pile dirt on the flat aides or top they will buckle.
get a shoebox and push on the corners then push on the lid and you'll see what i mean.
you can insulate them at the sacrifice of nearly half a meter of internal volume depending on how you go about it.

the best play is to get a few of them and suppliment traditional timber framing with them, cutting them ipen and joining them into interesting shapes. the best one i saw was two containera side by side, seperated by a semi-exterior hallway of about 2 meters wide. you got plenty of airflow down the hall, each box was well insulated, it had a hippie nature vibe if you're into that.
but most of the time it's more work than anything else, the only reason to do it is the look. containers are great for shipping cargo by sea or truck. they are very bad at almost literally everything else.

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You spray the foam on the OUTSIDE. OUTSIDE, My Friends. -Then cover it in shotcrete for durability. Makes it insanely durable. You can then do a thin treatment inside to reduce condensation, and lose practically no interior space.

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yeah, then you loose the look of the container making the entire thing pointless. it's cheaper to build a wooden form and do that, and it's be just as durable and give you studs to hand pictures on

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Makes it quite immovable I imagine, and if you're building a permanent house there are cheaper options than a container

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if you're going to build a shotcrete house a la monolithic dome, why bother paying for a shipping container? there's no benefit to the container

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Sure there is. It's a premade steel box that's highly resistant to water.

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By just doing it. If you have to ask you're too stupid to ever do more than dream.

Not even kidding. Buy one and get to work. Make a shop. Then you'll have a shop and can decide if want a house.
Use 40' High Cubes, one-trip grade. No WWT junk, no standard height junk. Learn container grades. Study prices.
Study how industry and military do it as nothing else merits examination.

Now you have had your few seconds fantasy. You are POOR and won't build shit even if you get money because you were too stupid to answer your own question. That's the real container filter.

There are no magic solutions for not fixing you.

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>because it'd fucking collapse
Only if you skimp out on the electrical extensions like these guys did.

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I live in Canada. I looked into the price of a container vs the price of a framed building of the same size. Pre-covid, it was basically the same cost. The container of course requires a lot less time and work. But if you're going to fame a building around it or inside it anyway you'd be better off just framing a real building.

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>How to build container houses?
You don't. Shipping containers are a meme. They became trendy in 2008, when the economy went to shit and it stopped being profitable to ship the empty containers back to China to be reused. Empty containers were basically a waste product that ports had to get rid of. So they were available for dirt cheap. But the economy recovered, containers are now returned to China for reuse and brokers have realized that hipsters will pay a premium for containers so prices wouldn't be as low anyway.

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Be aware that combustible vapors and lithium batteries can cause an interior explosion.

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>you loose the look of the container
...the look of being human trafficked?

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if you have to ask, even a container home is too much for you to handle

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Maybe something like:
> You get two Containers
> Create a Foundation for one "on the surface" and another Foundation for the one that's gonna be your basement
> You put the Container atop the first Foundation as you state - but also "modify it" in order to accommodate for any kinds of rain/change in water level
> You then begin modifying Container 1 into your "Container Home" while then setting up Container 2 to be your "Container Basement/Shop"
> Then you build your "Container Basement" at a depth that's "reasonable" for the Container
> ???
> Done - now you have a Container home with a Basement

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>pour a slab foundation

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>...the look of being human trafficked?
it really sets the mood when i bring girls over

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Fair enough. My van down by the river has the same impact.

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How romantic :)

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You’re stupid the sides are corigated on the sides not flat like a shoe box you retarded dog fucker

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A container full of imitation crab meat is not going to collapse.

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no, u stupid

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Ran into it with the loader dumbass
Clearly the bucket line is visible
I hate stupid peeple

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What's the benefit of a container house vs. just using some 2x6 frames?

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No. Their problem is clearly that they didn't have enough power extensions.

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thats after the dig out. they compacted the side and it blew. people weld square stock to brace the corrugated parts then blow foam in the extra space to make a flush wall and not lose sq ft. Only reason I know is because my neighbor is doing it with two 40' containers on his property. I though he was digging a pool at first.

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Dumbest housing meme since tinyhouses. Are you really saving any appreciable amount of money compared to a camper trailer, or even a truck bed camper?

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In anything, the reason I store such flammables outside my shops container or otherwise.

I recently bought some industrial CO2 fire extinguishers for the cylinder carts but they're full (and cheap to refill) so now one sits just inside the man door I added to my motorcycle garage High Cube. I can open the valve (I safety wired the trigger paddle to the open position) and inert the entire box.

This. The haters don't know how to do it properly so they assume it cannot be done (commercial and military users prove otherwise) but the dreamers are just as bad because they fucking refuse to learn how to find simple information.

Look at the bottom of a container. There is no benefit to wanting one as a basement. Round culvert tubes as used by Ukraine are OTOH ideal for bunkers and the method using "elephant iron" piecemeal building proven in WWII.

The smart way is weld them side-by-side then taking advantage of your instantly useable space do the rest at leisure. It's easy. I positioned all my containers single-handed using jacks, rollers, cribbing, shims, steel cable and my Wyeth-Scott hand puller.

Weld the corner fittings after matching their height.and pulling the boxes together so there's no gap. Have half a sheet of 1/8" or thicker steel sheared to 2" wide strips to join the rest by bridging the gap. Tack the high side, finish weld the high side, beat the low side down then tack and finish weld that with FCAW (suitcase feeders are worth owning for this). I used up old .035" wire then switched to .045" which is a bit thick but was nearly free. Some care to avoid blowing through is needed so I start the welds on the container flowing the puddle to make the joint. Not hard but noobs may not think of that.

Using two pieces of angle bolted together after coating with sealant where they mate would permit welding and permit unbolting if you anticipate moving the structure later or separating the boxes to bridge with trussed roofing etc.

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Got this. I will definitely look into this (I know how to weld via FCAW-G and FCAW-S alongside GMAW, GTAW, and SMAW). Got any images to show what you mean as well? I don't mind googling.

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Cheaper and better to just do stick framing. Containers are a basedboy meme that only faggots pursue.

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They are not water resistant and leak like shit.

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It's worth checking websites like Sea Box for military and industrial container ideas.

If you have access to heavy steel I recommend collecting it. For example I ran a beam under each end of my doubled containers then ensured it was squared (tape measure and calibrated eyeball is fine) then welded the beam to the corner fittings of the first container. I then jacked and pulled the second box onto the beams and pulled it firmly next to the first then welded its corner fittings to the beam on the bottom and each other on top.

I collect mechanical Simplex (Duff Norton latches are dangerous) jacks and my favorite from the early 1900s is an all iron version of this for the chain grab on top. Most people who sell them don't get much. I gave $150s for mine. I slip my tow chain through the corner fittings on the bottom to safely raise the box:


The usual version of Simplex jacks which are shorter work fine. I also made an air bag jack using an 18-wheeler suspension bag. I let the top float so I could shove containers sideways. Now they sell them cheap:


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I will get me a couple of the Vevor Jacks before I consider getting the linemen jack - So I reckon I basically Weld a Container into a Culvert Tube then? Or do I just weld Culvert Tubes together in their entirety? Just asking for clarification.

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one is legal and the other will put me in jail.

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Which one?

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