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I had this idea to try to get into some wood carving. Not carpentry proper or anything strictly utility-oriented, but some small arts bullshit like figurines or what not. What would be the minimum toolkit necessary for it? I don't want to invest super big into it in case I just pick it up and it doesn't really work out.

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A set of carving knives is pretty damn cheap. Probably some wood chisels and a hammer too. Maybe a handsaw to cut your stock close to the right size...

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The absolute minimum would be a piece of sandpaper and a lot of patience. You can make anything with that.

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>minimum toolkit
a pen knife. one single solitary pen knife like your grandpops carried.

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Start with very sharp and reasonably sturdy blade.
You can buy whittling/woodworking/woodcarving knifes for a handful of your local currency, probably. If you cant or don't want to, improvise. Just stay safe and mind your fingers.

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if you were actually interested in this you'd be doing it with whatever you have at hand (look up whittling). save your money