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I'm trying to connect to an old refrigeration controller with HyperTerminal over a serial port does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work Im using a db9 instead of a db25 I really have no idea what I'm doing the HyperTerminal doesn't have televideo 905 emulation

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Connect tx/rx/signal ground to correct pins in db9. Open ht, set to use correct port. 8/n/1 should be default settings but change baud rate to 2400. Start new session, the rest should be obvious. If it doesnt work switch tx/rx, the naming convention on those always gets me.

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so it would automatically come up on HyperTerminal if it connects or do i have to send a command to it?

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I assume you did something obvious and hit return or enter a few times.
No, it’s not going detect you’ve hooked up to it and give you a message/prompt.

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I've got the controller numbered 1 so am i supposed to type # $ 1 would that get it to connect so far every thing I've typed in doesn't do anything

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Perhaps your controller has an internal DIP switch or jumpers onboard to set the ID number.

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Also, it looks like you are sending space character after each character. Try:
Then ENTER key...

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That was it dude I'm in Thanks

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Thanks guys!

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Good deal Fren

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Slick. What is this for? I imagine a refrigeration system with remote access is probably pretty important.

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This is just an old piece of shit i found laying in a motor room after they upgraded to a new system i was just seeing how you would do it. Its from 88 but i have seen the next version of this still being used today so i could connect to it now. It seems to still work so it was just changed out for age, I't was used to control the compressors on a rack in a grocery store so it would try to keep a a certain pressure setting that you put in by cycling compressors on and off it had a problem it would dial out and tell the office.

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Cool thread dude

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the numbering was done through the function keys on the front

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Nice thread.

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Check this out I worked in a store today that still had the old ass building controller on the wall. If it still had the power and connection board i probably could have connected to it if thats not why it was gutted.

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I wonder how many war dialers back in the day got into these things. Did you have to enter a password at all?

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I didnt connect to this one but the one i did the power was off so long i assumed it reset the stock pass was 123 if i didnt find the manual online I wouldnt have had a clue. I'm trying to find the manual for this but havnt had any luck. I would assume a 3 digit password wouldn't take long for someone who knows what there doin