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it sucks soooo much, can only sleep with ear protection. Especially this wall to my only neighbor on the same floor is paper thin, I can hear him using flicking the light switch even. He's reasonable and all, thank god, but I'm already considering moving again, which is almost hopeless itself as rentcuck in Germany near Munich. Tonight was the first time my son complained about him hearing footsteps from above while trying to fall asleep. Please /diy save me, does nowadays exist a simple way to soundproof walls/ceilings? I would think I only need the put something up against this wall and the ceilings in my and my sons room. I find lots and lots of generic results of various kinds, I just want it to be a one and done thing. Measure, order, install it myself and be over it. Also I kinda don't want to inform my landlord, which is the local town actually

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>does nowadays exist a simple way to soundproof walls/ceilings?
Get some heavy quilted cloth sheets and put those up or get sonopan or whatever it's called in EU.

Also - always rent on the top floor.

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man I regret moving now so much, last flat was top floor, house was finished 2019 had great sound insulation. Now this garbage ghetto block is some old 70s or 80s concrete shit. They currently renovate the facade, balkonies and the entire cellar, I even pay bit more rent. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUCK THIS. I just know what will happen, I buy some kind of sound proofing plates and it won't fix the issue anyways, then we're stuck here for the next 3 years to find a new rentcuck flat. It sucks beeing poor

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lmaoing @ anyone that expects silence in a shared building. get rekt

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bro I swear our last flat was so quiet, windows, walls, floor everything was sound proofed so well. Only maybe heard rarely neighbors downstair slamming their doors, or cars honking.

Just calculated pic rel, only for the wall to the neighbor. 370€ and I'm not even sure if it will work.. damn

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Maybe just get something Gauting or Eching or Garching? You can still take the U6. Last time I checked Stockdorf wasn’t too expensive either but it’s been a few years.

Anyway whenever you move the first few months all the sounds will be very noticeable but after that your mind adjusts and you will sleep through it. I used to live right beside the U6 freiman station. First week I woke up every time it came by, after 2 months I didn’t even notice it anymore.

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You could try pic rel, one pack gets you enough to cover that wall twice. Doesn’t hurt for €30

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Ottobrunn. Can't move since I'm a NEET who just escaped neetism so to speak. Son goes to school here, he's only 7 and we moved 4 times already. Little guy needs some place to stay. It's a nice flat, ignoring the noise issue. Did some measuring, also found https://www.soniflex.com/de/schalldaemmung-sandwichplatten-soni-composite/H80400006 they offer 3 and 5 cm thick self adhesive plates in a nice 1m x 0.5m size. Only my wall will cost 650€ for placing these plates, both celings probably 1500€, but the upstair neighbors are actually not that much of an issue so far. It's just tonight was the first time in those 12 days we live here my son also briefly complained.

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nah dude, would look not only ugly as hell but styrofoam offers almost zero SCHALLSCHUTZ

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Cool, never been there. But then I would wait a month or two before buying anything maybe some alpine sleepsoft for the time being (they did help with the u bahn problem until I got used to it).

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yeh got simliar ear foam from work. It's just, don't wanna have my neighbor hear everything from my bedroom side too wink wink

which is when gaming on my pc that is

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That’s just flat/appartment life, there’s no cost efficient sound proofing. You hear people and people hear you and unless you do stupid or weird shit everyone ignores it.

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700.20€, will test my wall first. If it works and upstairs will become a problem I'll buy for the ceilling too. It just has to work

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now thinking about this, I just compare my dumb spending habits with this guy and feel slightly less stupid


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This is the only correct answer.

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don't waste your money. I just spent like 20k soundproofing a 13'17' recording studio. foam and curtains and shit don't do anything. you're just screwed, sorry

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Cardboard egg trays work a treat and you can get them for free from restaurants etc. Just need to buy the pins to stick them up with. If you don't like the appearance, pin a sheet up over them.

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This anon is right, shit like egg tray soundproofing is a stupid myth that needs to die. There's a difference between room acoustics and sound insulation, foam/curtains/diffusers etc will make the room itself sound good by reducing standing waves and reverb, but will do jack shit for noise transfer (egg cartons do neither). Only way to properly solve it is to make the partition airtight, increase the mass or build an airtight independent second leaf below it, none of which is cheap or doable in a rented space.

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>hand selected grade 1 douglas fir

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Play a white noise machine

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I never want to see another eurocuck talk about our cardboard houses. Wood & sheetrock offers enough sound insulation to keep out Jerome's hoodrat music if you live in an apartment here.

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Surely you jest. Have you ever lived next to Da'Quontaveious?

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lead sheets might work op. dont think a heavy metal like lead offgasses much but you might want to put something in front of it to avoid scratching it... sigh i dont think its a danger but you should probably talk to a chemist thats not an idiot. those foam things are for creating nicer sounding sound for a studio not for sound insulation.

if you cant get that see if you can find some giant heavy carpets ugly but not moldy for free and hang them on the wall. you could also build an enclosure and pour fine sand in it... 25kg of dried sand 0-4 mm cost 8 euro here in norway. clay is slightly more expensive but would perhaps be better.

im just thinking btw. i havent done this. maybe clay is a horrible idea(dont get it wet) or a brilliant one. if one is poor one should at least be industrious :))

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after that, if you still need to you could remove the baseboard and shove something down there and put the baseboard back. noone will notice for years. just dont fuck up anything electrical or plumbing or optical or...

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This advice is older and less useful than the advice to bury a shipping container to make a bunker.

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Take your son. Go help someone out in the countryside for room and board, and life lessons.

Sell the 'gaming computer' and learn some real life skills. Best thing you could ever do for yourself. Worst thing you can do, is stay in that government housing. Exactly what you've been doing.

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Move. Evwrything else will not work.

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op here, package came finally. Gonna install it on the wall late afternoon

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any electric fags here? I simply removed the plastic cover and pushed the metal claws into the socket. Gonna tape over it, then place the sound insulation onto the wall. Nothing bad could happen, right?

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guys im about to place a segment over the power sockets now. nothing could go wrong, yes?

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it is done, stuff smells a bit. slighlty like epoxy resin

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I don’t know if electricity is different in your country but here in france if you don’t short cut electrical wire and if you don’t overload them, how it could be set on fire ? Cool down you just put tape on it…

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>always rent on the top floor
I can hear everything my lower floor neighbors say...

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Live in a cardboard house in the U S of A. A shit load of cloth like clothes and blankets in a room helps to dampen high to mid frequency noise. But best thing i found is moving air. Get a box fan.

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I agree with this here. I always bring this analog noise machine with me when traveling because hotels always seem to have shitty loud people. Don’t use a gay digital one

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I've always thought you should get some sort of return policy when renting/buying. Otherwise you can end up in situations like these where there's no way out.