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I'm looking into DIYing a dining table (check out the pic attached). I plan to finish it with epoxy to get that glossy look and prevent paint chipping. The only problem is the rounded edges. I'm worried that the epoxy will drip and result in an irregular surface and uneven thickness. Any tips on how to deal with this? Thanks

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Get a table with flat edges and corners so you can clamp on 1x4s

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epoxy is like 1/8" thick, are you sure you don't just want polyurethane?

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You'll want something marketed as "thin pour" epoxy that sets up very quickly.
It's closer to a paint / varnish than regular epoxy and won't drip at all, just read the directions

That being said you're an idiot for using epoxy for this purpose. Rubio + ceramic coat will look way better if it's made out of halfway decent wood

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Ceramic coat won't last that long though and the wood underneath would start getting damaged from the daily wear & tear.

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Not sure what Rubio is.

I opted for epoxy for its durability, as it will be heavily used.

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Rubio Monocoat is a very good finishing product for tables and furniture, all the meme youtube woodworkers use it but real pros also use it.
With a hard ceramic coat on top the table will be basically bulletproof, unless you use it as a cutting board.

If you have kids sticking knives into the table maybe, for water spills and sliding dishes it'll be totally fine