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How do I propagate lettuce?
All I see online is about regrowing a cut plant, but is there a way to get an entirely new plant (aside from growing it from seed)?

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grow it from seed. It's either that, using a rooted cutting, micropropagation from plant tissue using hormones, or CRISPRizing or breeding your own brand new lettuce organism.

They have a pack of lettuce seeds at the dollar store. What do you think is going to be easiest?

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Lettuce grows fast from seed, the seed is very cheap, and there are variants that grow in both summer and winter. The plant has such a short harvest period that people often sow lettuce seeds 2wks apart to avoid being overrun by lettuce.
Nobody propogates lettuce for these reasons

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Cheapest way
>Sew two weeks apart
I do this
>Let a few plants grow to maturity and save seeds
I also do this. Then I hang them under an umbrella and let them dry. Once dry I save some and then I spread a bunch all over my garden in the fall so when spring hits I have lettuce right away. It grows so easily I often have to mow lettuce on my clover lawn.

At the end of the day though, lettuce is sort of a shitty plant to grow, it's just water, I grow a lot more kale, chard and cabbage for my greens. Kale and chard are stupid easy but a nice cabbage grown slowly in a shady bed is so damn good.

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The regrow method works if you want seed. Thats basically all it can do and then you start fresh seed

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You want to grow from seed.
Lettuce is a brassica, it has 2 year lifespan. But lettuce produces in 30-90 days from seed, so just grow from seed it will be more productive.

As your lettuce gets bigger you can harvest the outer leaves and it will continue to grow. Just be aware that once it grows flower stalks it has "bolted" and is in gross puberty and it is basically done from an eating perspective. Also it will bolt based on temperature/season.

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would this work?

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obviously, just look at the diagram

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Just think of all the salads I'm gonna make!

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Tips for kale and Chard? Can those seeds be spread in the fall like lettuce?

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This is stupid, the bottom half is gonna wither away.

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Not really worth it, just plant them early, both are very hearty. I do around 3 or 4 runs of kale per season and chard I just constantly take from it. Both of them grow easily but are more prone to pests in my area so I don't really let them get too old. Beyond that kale leaves are really nice when they are young if you want to eat them raw.

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Also. Plant in zones, if you put all your kale in one spot and you do get pests, you'll lose them all. If you make little islands of the same plant in different spots, pests may not overrun all of them. So I have planter boxes all over my yard and each box gets a few of the same plant but they are isolated from each other to some degree. Other tip, if you have a shady spot, plant there too, I find a shade grown plant has much sweeter flavor (probably the mushrooms or some shit giving it sugar). But they grow slower. My carrots are phenomenally sweet grown in the shade, I basically just dump piles of seeds in spots, shuffle it and whatever happens happens. Every year we get a few litters of rabbits showing up too, fearless little shits just sit around us all day but eat the clover lawn and don't really harm any plants.

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> fearless little shits
are dinner.
internet life hack for cool value vs actual farming

I'd much rather do those heavier greens that have flavor. And they store better.

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Well, we don't eat meat in my house so they are sort of just pets. When I wake up I read for a bit on my patio and they just hover under my chair, it's pretty comfy desu.

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Get a packet of little gem seed for 3.50 and you're good for 3 years
Depending on your zone, nows the time to start them inside

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I have loads of rabbits and they never bothered my lettuce, but they did absolutely rape every brassica I had along with all my beans and peas

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This can't be real this is like perpetual motion

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You can eat them, though. They won't care. Slaughter them halal. https://youtu.be/quhVxLUwiBw

Learn how to relax the animal, and prepare it.

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Yeah, I grew up on a farm I get it. I don't like killing/eating animals. Rabbits are tasty af though.

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You need protein to synthesize testosterone. Not peanut substitutes.

You have ducks? They are quiet and lay eggs.

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Chickens from a neighbor and duck eggs from a family friend. But the duck eggs smell like pond water so I tend not to eat them often. Beyond that no meat/animal stuff. When it's gardening season we mostly eat out of our yard (beans, kale, potatoes etc.)