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Why can't architects design worth a shit?

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Isn't an architect's job to make it not fall on your head? They'll add just as many support columns as they need to

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nice AI created image and shitty opinion you have
sadly this low effort thread will probably last a couple weeks

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>Why can't architects design worth a shit?
It turns out that people don't actually want shitty designs so the architects must follow the client's constraints.

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Probably a materials/cost thing since it's a race to the bottom for most developers.

This is more a study in color balance and lighting. Wood is both expensive and doesn't look as picturesque after trying to maintain it for years. Also the relative darkness kind of *gets* to you after a while. It constantly needs to be well-lit.

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No that's a civil engineer's job, architects may or may not have that skill

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They're artists. Art schools have told artists that art should be ugly and memorable abd useless since the photograph was invented because they got so butt hurt.

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This. I'd say it's the result of modern framing. About a century and a half ago, a building's structural components and facades were intertwined (see flying buttresses, arches, colonnades). After ironworks started becoming common, these became two different parts of the building, which led architects and engineers to split into separate disciplines. As a result, the engineering folks forgot how to make shit look nice, and the architects forgot how to make shit function well.