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I spent 500 bucks on this meme only for UPS to fuck it up during the shipping process. The Blade weighs rough 20lbs with attachments that can increase the weight to 30lb. I can neither get refund, replacement, or repair. How the fuck do I get this handle back on and have it strong enough the force of 20lb blade being swung. Wood glue? Mending plates? FUCK!

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fucking weebs
drill a hole on both sides in the center, stick a dowel in it and then use wood glue
hope for the best

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Looks like it broke right on a knot, what a cheap pos

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500 dollars

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now you have an 500 USD charcuterie board

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this nigga thinks he's guts or cloud lmao. what a fag

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lmao @ 30 pounds blade. Should've gotten a suburito instead of a meme.

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Did you really pay $500 for a shitty piece of 2x12?

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It broke on a fucking knot. Thst is 1000% a manufacturing defect. Get a refund because they NEVER shoukd have manufactured that with a fucking knot in the handle. Fucking clown tier. Rip those mother fuckers a new one. Refund only. Do not replace

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why would you spend 500 on that?

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holy shit OP got scammed hardcore
this guy literally just takes 2x12's, cuts a handle and adds a bevel


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Well now I know my new business

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>that will be $1,259.95 USD plus shipping plus tip

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holy shit it really is just a regular 2x12

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You could make that using 6' of steel pipe for a handle and spine then weld steel plate to the outside for roughly the same weight and about $100, and you could actually decapitate someone with it.

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get a refund, then buy an oak bokudo from japan for $100 on ebay

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Do you have a learning disability or brain tumor maybe?

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Either sister it with metal plates and wood glue, or throw out the handle, and carve a new one out of the bottom of the blade.

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not even select grade lumber. jeeezus fuck what a scam

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Guys it's not a fucking scam or a ripoff. This thing is mastercrafted and well worth the price I paid. I just want a way to fix it,m not a chorus of kissless incel cucks jealous I have something cool and valuable.

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Its bad craftsmanship. The weakest place that will handle the most load had knot.

It looks like it was cnc cut with no regard for the natural inclusions.

You got scammed. Anyone with basic wood working tools could pump out 5 of these per day. It looks like automated power tools were used, so 500 per shift.

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$500 for a cricket bat?

fuck me

Also google how to fix a cricket bat handle. Same principle

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Master craft? Is it because he was masterbaiting while making it?

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lol, lmao even. No one mastercrafting anything would include that many knots. And no "master" is going to refuse a refund/replacement on that, only a scammer would.
>I just want a way to fix it
Remake from scratch with better quality materials. Not joking.

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I fuckin love this thread.

OP, show us your materia.

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if your handy and have a pocket drill jig, jam the fucked up splinters back together and drill out a hole for a dowel. remove when drilled, and apply glue to fucking every fucking thing, and smush it in place. then send your dowel in carefully with liberal amounts of glue. wait for it dry completely. then sand it all down flush. when its all done, hang it up and cry because its a piece of shit that will never be useable at all.

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due to high demand new orders can expect a 6-8 week delay in production time.

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It's a 2x12 the guy cut with a jigsaw and ran over the edges with a router. From your pic it broke on a knot which means he didn't even bother to do the minimum amount of effort to make sure the board he used didn't have a knot where the handle would be. It should have been stronger if he just glued 1x2 oak boards to the rough shape and routed it bit then it would take more than an hour to make because he would have to wait for the glue to dry.twrhn

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get a refund you retard, you can literally just buy an actual sword at that price, or better yet, a gun

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>Sleeps on dirty futon
>Pronably lives in one bedroom
>obviously poor
>drops 500 bucks on a piece of fucking wood

This is fucking gold

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Not just a piece of wood, an at most 20 dollar piece of wood.

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>hand selected grade 1 Douglas fir

I'm fucking dying.

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lord man thats just bad design and that brak was inevitable.

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Does it include gummy bears?

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You got scammed, broseph. Hardcore scammed. Get a refund, and if they deny it call your bank and reverse the charges. Worst they can do to you is demand you send the broken product back and not sell to you again, which isn't an issue at all considering this company is a fucking scam.

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You sleep in that and your concern is a broken wooden toy?

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This. Make them famous then burn it and grow the fuck up. Fantasy is stupid.


"Mastercrafted" has no meaning. This is however a small price to pay to learn to grow up. You cannot hide from life. Go be a real warrior and stop pretending.

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Oh yeah how do I be a "real" warrior tough guy?

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Take up a sniper position in the snow and stay there for 5 days without moving. If you're spotted, reset the clock.

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Join your countrys (or anothers) armed forces then do the necessary to get into ground combat. Millions do it globally That's what being a "warrior" looks like IRL. There is no plot armor and most of war is boring, but you like countless others can get your piece of the action. /k/ has all the info for those who dream of special ops. Go FFL, whatever.

Or you can pretend to be part of a child's cartoon and be rightly laughed at for mental illness.

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>this thread
Next time I see those cosplay fags on a college campus, I’m going to try and hold my laughter for a couple minutes and tell them I do custom swords for 20% less than the competition. That router will pay for itself in no time.

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>/k/ has all the info for those who dream of special ops
first step is cut your dick off, thats the baseline for a /k/omando

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>Next time I see those cosplay fags

Is that what these training swords are for? If so, why is the weight important. Are they training to use a large heavy sword for any sort of real combat, or is it all cosplay, in which case I'd think appearance is all that would count. But OP paid 500 bucks for a simple board, and he calls it a training sword. I'm fucking at a loss to understand what is going on here.

t. clueless boomer

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foreplay in 2024

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"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering." Bruce Lee

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You could buy a board like that for like $50, cut it roughly to shape to a handsaw ($30), then sand the shit out of it over a week ($30) until it is how you like. You'll even get a workout out of it.

OP, you are retarded. Next time buy a gym membership and walk uphill on the treadmill for 4+ hours a week.

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I think it's because OP is a Belmont and Dracula has magnetic power armor now.

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You're baiting this board and everyone is gullible for believing you

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It's workout equipment for people who think going to the gym is boring, which it is.

It totally is a scam. Whatever method you used to pay for it will have buyer protection for exactly this situation. Do a chargeback and just make your own autism sword. You can get all the tools and materials you need for the fuckin $500 you paid for it.

Just for the hell of it, I decided to throw all the tools you'd need to make your own in a harbor freight cart. Came to $291.81 plus tax and shipping. You could totally do it for less without the sander and power saw too.
>circular saw and blade
>router and bit
>tape measure
>circular saw guide
>combination square
>weeb style hand saw
>sander and assorted discs
Forgot the drill and bits so you can add those extra weights to it, so add $25-30 for the cheap one.

>custom multilayered paint job
>it's just dark stain with random rattlecan splotches

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>I spent 500 bucks on this meme
good job retard

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Cosplayers are infintitely worse for wanting to be children which is the most vile, degenerate, regressive effeminate weakeness.

They should be bullied to suicide like troons.

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>This thing is mastercrafted and well worth the price I paid.
lol, lmao

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lmao fucking redditor, you get what you fucking deserve

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$500 on wood
not just any wood
meme anime wood
weebs there's just no helping them

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>hand selected
>go to stack of planks
>pick one up by hand
>hand selected

thank you for the bait OP, well memed

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>this nigga just got gypsied for a low grade framing lumber>>2739169

enjoy your ironing board faggot

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Get a refund.

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If it was master crafted it would come with a guarantee.
Absolute bullshit.
You paid a premium, you deserve WAY better customer service.

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Then plate, then tie with epoxy impregnated paracord.

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Do you make sword noises when you swing it around?

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i wouldnt even bother with that. just fix it enough to look alright and have it serve as a reminder not to buy dumb shit when you can just make it

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Lightsaber noises.

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>cool and valuable
It's neither of those.

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get 2 holed long plates, drill into the wood and insert screws and nuts to hold them in place.
easy fix.

with that being said renounce anime you faggot

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It's Indian club training for the autistic weeb crowd. You can just buy a 2 handed workout club for about a hundred bucks (or DIY one out of a small log).

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>grade 1 douglas fir

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An immaculate waste of time, energy, and material. Did he trade it for a Hunter Biden painting?

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What are you on, faggot.

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Your mom, pussy. lol

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fucking detrollio

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Cheap secondhand router $60
Cheap secondhand drill $20
Router bit $20
Drill bit $5
Wood $20
Any saw $20
Time 2hrs@$20/hr = $40

$185 assuming no equipment at all (which is poor tbf)

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You still overpaying. You literally just need almost any kind of saw (a good hand saw, probably something you could find for free, would work fine) and some sandpaper. Like $30 max, plus $8 (plus tax and tip) for a 2x8x8 from Home Depot.

>Time 2hrs@$20/hr = $40

If this dude bought a wood sword made from construction lumber for $500, he is not smart enough for his time to be worth $20/hour, IDGAF.

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All the tools are worth owning anyway and the earlier you buy tools the more years they serve you and save your wallet.

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OP you dumb faggit, I hope you learned your lesson.
For that amount of money I could've bought 2 cold steel swords or a used handgun....or better yet workout equipment if it was indeed meant as a weighted training implement.
Start doing push ups now, do 500, they're free. Got to get your money back somehow

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Why would you even buy this... buy an actual training sword and learn actual swordsmenship not this anime fake shit.

>> No.2740332

LMAO 10/10 bait

>> No.2740359

>$500 for a plank
now you're making it too obvious

>> No.2740368

Holy fuck anon, that's a GIANT piece of shit. Jfc!
Build one you fuckface!
Why in the fuck isn't UPS not refunding you?

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I bet nobody in this thread ever welded a sword in their life.

>> No.2740389

pretty sure they're forged

>> No.2740438

>welded a sword
Weld it to what, a wheel? A wheel attached to a motor? Actually, you know what, that's a good idea.

>> No.2740452

>I spent 500 bucks
You're joking, right? You could make that in 10-15 minutes with a circular saw and a $10 board from home depot.

>> No.2740456

You're larping harder than the op. Everyone knows you wouldn't get your tools dirty.

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>Motorsword: An Animated Fantasy Adventure
>Soundtrack by Sammy Hagar

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I have, but it was a short 18" tanto blade.

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you spent $500 on that?

>> No.2740690

fuck this thread is embarrassing.
I saw the meme videos a few months ago but ashfag is absolutely shameless, as well as the clearly autistic OP

>> No.2740732

>shitty pine board
>roughly cut
You could have had a jigsaw and a router for the money and make infinite amount of weeb charcuterie boards if you were not a retard.

>> No.2740754

kekworthy indeed

>> No.2740755

What steel did you use?

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I'm not sure the design would ever work, knot or not. It's all way too heavy to strike anything without that flimsy handle breaking. Is it made for striking things, or just swinging around like an asshole?
Your best and only bet would to be what first post said.
I would tell you to cut the breaks off flat and straight, drill the largest diameter hole that the handle can manage to fit inside, make the hole as deep as possible too, even up into the blade area, you may have to buy a special long bit for that, and you'll have to be super careful not to blow out a side while drilling it. Buy a hardwood dowel, and wood glue. Fill both holes with wood glue. Pound dowel in as deeply as possible and don't worry about glue all over the place. Then attach the second half and clamp if you can. Allowing a few days dry time, but make sure to wipe away your excess glue, or you'll be sanding it off later.

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carbon steel, nothing fancy

>> No.2742547

Guys, OP here. He has offered to send me a replacement if I cancel the claim I filed. Should I do it?

>> No.2742554

Nope. He scammed you, get your money back.

>> No.2742563

No, it was poor construction.

>> No.2742565

Men playing with wood swords…
This country is doomed

>> No.2742585

dumbshit nigger you have an incredibly overpriced shitty indian club/meel you could have gotten a good one for less than half that

>> No.2742616

>The Blade weighs rough 20lbs
No it doesn't.
>I can't get a refund
Tell your credit card company you received a broken item and the seller refuses to refund it.

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Yikes. Likely a troll... and if not, given you bought this in lieu of DIY. However, in case you're serious, or somebody dumpsterdives this piece of firewood, picrel is how I fixed somebody else's CNC abomination of a plaque. Seems knowledge/consideration of grain is no more.

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Seems like a cool helpful guy tho

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What should I do now? He insist on giving me the replacement

>> No.2742811

Tell him you're not interested and he can scam some other dumbass with the one he just made.

>> No.2742819

I once welded a hilt onto a lawnmower blade and ground it into a machete, does that count?

>> No.2742828

Fucking no lmao
Get your money back, you got scammed
Don’t let them send you another $20 piece of wood

>> No.2742859

Not one but two piths there next to each other. Orienting grain perpendicular to the long axis. That thing will crack soon anyway.

>> No.2742865

>it's already been made
ofc there isn't much to make

>> No.2742870

imagine sending the seller this thread

>> No.2742880

why would he want to give you your $500 back when he can just make another $20 piece of shit and send that to you instead

>> No.2742886

Why did you spend $500 on a pine board? You do know its just a pine board, don't you?

>> No.2742920

kek he just wants to appease you so you don't fuck up his grift

>> No.2742923

>Is it made for striking things, or just swinging around like an asshole?

I mean, i doubt it matters either way, even just swinging that big board around in the air with that scrawny little pine handle is more than enough to break the thing.

If it's intended to be a weapon, then shit, just picking up any decent size branch laying on the ground would be a much better choice.

>> No.2742958

Damn op, I'm tempted to make you a real one so you're less miserable.

>> No.2742961

^This. Make him famous and screencap this thread for reference.

>> No.2743037

you spend $500 on a $20 piece of wood? wtf?

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I recently made a really big bowie from a truck leaf spring, this is post tempering
Does that count?

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File: 2.77 MB, 320x240, 1539293453094.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey Op. Wanna cross wood swords?

>> No.2743291

It was in two pieces. Somebody probably maximized a slab of wood, instead of optimizing the grain orientation.

>> No.2743377

with bench grinder? is grinding metal supposed to be fun? can you grind something to shape with angle grinder esp something kinda small

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The sword saga is over bros, I met him in person and he gave a replacement. Pretty cool chap, complimented My jesus stickers . I am satisfied

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This thread can't be real

>> No.2744407

Wow look at that replacement
what a fucking asshole that seller is, im honestly at a loss of words

>> No.2744415

looks like he gave you a beat up used one, look at the holes

>> No.2744481

what a sad thread

>> No.2744486


Pilot hole, drill final hole size just over halfway through on both sides.

How the fuck does someone chip out their drilled hole so badly then continue to do the rest like that without stopping and fixing the issue?!

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I really hope this is an elaborate self promotion, as otherwise i can't even feel sorry for you, anon.

>> No.2744539

congratulations you spent 500 dollars on a plank with 5 saw cuts. you could have /DIY/'d it with ease. no or minimal power tool, and a piece of lumber. you should burn it to learn a lesson.

>> No.2744559

nigga hand selected a finest grade 1 Douglas fir with a fucking knot where the handle goes...
a champ

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File: 1.05 MB, 3721x1563, 1691675100553694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2744621


The tearout on those holes makes me sad

>> No.2744693

If you go to a site like ebogu, or really any kendo place you can get bokuto much cheaper than $100. They sell weighted suburito and shit as well for pretty cheap.
OP is a fucking retard who got scammed, I hope its not a real post.

>> No.2744865 [DELETED] 

yeah...thats God trying to save you from embarassing yourself when you actually take that outside.

>> No.2745362

I’m the seller. I’d like to address a few things. First, the sword was $299, not $500. OP payed $337 including shipping. It includes the attachable weights and hardware for them. That’s what the holes are for. All swords cut, planed, routed, drilled, sanded, branded and are given multiple layers of stain and protective coating. I have stood on the swords between sawhorses to test the strength and they don’t break. UPS throws the boxes around, even with fragile stickers on them, so when I send out hundreds of swords, breaks are inevitable.
I have replaced every single sword broken by UPS for free.
I’m not scamming anyone, I sell exactly what I advertise. Giant wooden swords. I’m not forcing anyone to buy it, and plenty of people make their own. Mine are the best.
The price reflects the cost of materials, gas for transporting everything, time it takes to make them, cost of renting shop space, tools and misc supplies, and paying my employees a fair wage. Not to mention making just enough profit to feed myself. Oh and everything is taxed.
If you’re mad about the prices, blame the federal reserve for printing so much money that the dollar isn’t worth shit anymore, not me for pricing accordingly to the market.
Same reason your $5 footlong cost $18 now.
As for the Asta sword, it’s called preventative pricing. The sword took 3 days to make, and I don’t want to do it again.
OP thank you for giving me the chance to make you another sword, I hope you enjoy training with it.

>> No.2745367

It's a piece of wood.
>hand selected grade 1 Douglas fir

>> No.2745369

Seller here, UPS has as many road blocks as possible to stop you from getting a refund, even with shipping insurance. They're worse than an airline.

>> No.2745371

It's just made for swinging around not striking things. But usually the handles hold up really well. I've had my original one for almost 5 years and I've beat the hell out of it, turned it into a skateboard, dropped it, etc, and I don't think that handle will ever break. But every piece of wood is unique, so sometimes breaks happen.

>> No.2745376

Let's pretend your post is real. How is this even a multiple men operation? Emphasis on multiple.
And get a fucking counter sink drill.

>> No.2745473

its looks like shit man...

>> No.2745481

>I send out hundreds of swords (made from ordinary lumber and priced at hundreds of dollars each)


This has to be the best troll thread ever.

>> No.2745507


>> No.2745519

>OP thank you for giving me the chance to make you another sword, I hope you enjoy training with it.
This thread is on another level.

>> No.2745539

I love this thread
I hope you sell a thousand swords this year

>> No.2745626

>You do know its just a pine board, don't you?
It's glorious nippon grade 1 douglas fir, sanded over one thousand times!

>> No.2745709

Why are you not making them out of multiplex you retard.

>> No.2746012

You are a hand selected grade 1 faggot

>mine are the best

The best wooden meme swords for fellow manlets? Perform seppuku

>> No.2746021

How much does it cost -you- to replace a hand-selected, grade 1 douglas fir plank?

>> No.2746026

This thread is historical, put me in the screenshot

>> No.2746033

>sanded over one thousand times!
I audibly LOL'd

>> No.2746068

first those neck exercise contraptions now this
i bet /diy/ could come up with a better fitness scam

>> No.2746080
File: 291 KB, 640x503, 1688934404100633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone considered that this whole thread was probably started by the seller to create outrage and therefore exposure? You retards will believe anything.

>> No.2746095

Exposing his own scam? (You) just called him a retard.

>> No.2746104
File: 101 KB, 700x986, absolutly not bone of my sword.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

apart from maybe data traffic I see no reason why. its not like anyone in this thread would buy one. hell, the most likely outcome is someone here steals the idea to rip off weebs themselves. it can only make competition for him. I struggle to believe this thread is real but I simply see no reason for it to be disingenuous

>> No.2746474

lmao this thread is surreal

>> No.2746834

This /diy/ + /a/ + /cgl/ + /biz/ crossover arc was a good start to the year

>> No.2746853

Came to say this.

>> No.2746866

was it paid for on paypal? not sure what sort of time consuming paper work he needs to do. Whenever i have to refund something on my store it takes like 5 minutes tops

>> No.2746869

t-those are speed holes!

>> No.2746873

>Same reason your $5 footlong cost $18 now.

I'll give you an $18 footlong...

>> No.2746901

No its way shittyer than a cricket bat

>> No.2746907
File: 82 KB, 600x407, Strong-Spartan-warrior-Stock-Photo-01-2326454096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Whoever can learn to wield this sword will find themselves possessing unparalleled strength.
>the guy from ups who delivered OP's 2x12x6

>> No.2748123

no way am I letting this gem go off page 10

>> No.2748278


>> No.2748279

a long time ago apparently

>> No.2748326

it can go any further unless the seller is buthurt enough to come defend himself

>> No.2748328

>paid 500 bones for this piece of shit
>no refunds

>> No.2748377

Imagine living in that fucking squalor and spending $500 on that hunk of shit. Has to be bait.

>> No.2748407

I mean some people live in squalor because of unfairness but some people live in squalor because they’re fucking stupid. They will often go on to blame everyone else for their own stupid moronic decisions. “I should have nice things like a big house and a mercedes even though I piss away money like it’s free and the moment something broke on a house I would be utterly fucked and need someone to again bail me out because I can’t afford to repair my sewer line for 8k after I spent all my income on disposable gas station vapes, funko pops, and wooden swords that you swing around for some reason like exercise i guess?”

>> No.2748415

does the $500 at least include the weights?

>> No.2748425
File: 1.21 MB, 540x540, 1683549311190.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the wrong place to try to defend your product
That said I like a good ticky-tack garage business and I do genuinely hope you make a killing off your shit planks

>> No.2748484


Yes it is, you're just a retard

Cosplay fags are really weird. Imagine spending all that time and money to play adult dress up for something nerds will think is cool that won't get you pussy, really weirdo hobby

10/10 bait

OP is poor lol

>> No.2748485

Make a claim with ups. You can get a refund. Don't eat 500 dollars man.

>> No.2748486

However if you are going to fix it you'd have to use a metal plate on both sides of the handle drilled and bolted into place, but again there's no reason to eat the cost. But looking at the design I have to say it's likely to break right there anyway. I don't know why they made it flat. The force of a sudden stop or wind resistance is going to snap it regardless.

>> No.2748488
File: 58 KB, 1079x810, 7654587657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I spent 500 bucks on a plank

>> No.2748501
File: 122 KB, 1000x1000, grade 1 bugless fur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Check out this wood shield I bought from Cash Man for $399 including shipping.

>> No.2748542


>> No.2748558

Why would you use a big larper wooden paddle of a "sword" instead of a stick with weight on one end, or a kettlebell, or a clubbell?
You could also try to use an actual paddle instead. Fucking idiot. I can't believe you bought a $500 piece of shit wood instead of diying something more robust and functional.

>> No.2748559

>paying for a piece of shitty pine
You deserve it

>> No.2748566
File: 242 KB, 340x314, 1612250974570.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This thing is mastercrafted and well worth the price I paid
lol. lmao even

>> No.2748579

>This thing is mastercrafted and well worth the price I paid.
Then why are you here asking for help to fix that shoddy piece of lumber?

>> No.2748847

someone make a collage of this thread i wanna remember it

>> No.2748913

Damn dude you could have just bought $500 of cocaine instead and had a kickass time instead of that cringe shit.

>> No.2748914

>Cosplay fags are really weird. Imagine spending all that time and money to play adult dress up for something nerds will think is cool that won't get you pussy, really weirdo hobby

Cosplay is actually a really easy way to fuck weird introvert sex pest girls if you have more charisma than the wet paper bag of the average attendant. You won't be fucking the ultra hot ones with crazy getups because they have an ego the size of the moon but there are plenty of others who are less attractive and they know it. Catch is most of them are absolutely fucking batshit (but aren't all women? bottom text).

>> No.2748921


where are these metal parts? is just an x bracket and thin sheet metal at the ends?

>> No.2748922
File: 1.50 MB, 2159x1194, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>300 bucks for a 12 x2 Douglas fir from home depot

>> No.2748941
File: 1.04 MB, 540x540, 1654987615093.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there's a genuine difference between those who have learned to wield the Dragonslayer(tm) and those who have not

my fucking



God bless you retarded nigger OP for bringing us this

>> No.2749044

>God bless you retarded nigger OP for bringing us this
I'm starting to think OP is the dude that runs the site just generating free positive publicity

>> No.2749057

>OP is the dude that runs the site

If so he's playing 4d chess because he inflated the price according to the web site and the supposed post from the site owner above. My own opinion is that OP started sincere, then tried to turn it into bait later on, and maybe the site owner posted even later, but not likely in my opinion.

The real takeaway is that the site owner sells this garbage to pathetic dweebs and laughs all the way to the bank.

>> No.2749121
File: 137 KB, 960x960, cash man shuriken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like Assman has some competition.

>> No.2749225
File: 2.97 MB, 500x376, 1668675841306531.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You've had your say, Sword Seller but I'll have mine.
You're a rascal. You're a rascal with no respect for weebs!
No respect for anything... except your grade 1 Douglas Fir.

>> No.2749260

that's a squalor? how do you live?

>> No.2749265

>cheating for this

>> No.2749283

yes it does

>> No.2749286

Seconded, kek. What are you training for, OP fighting Jenova?

>> No.2749328

shut the fuck up faggot.

>> No.2749330

Hickory or maple would have better r flexibility and stiffness than shitty yellow
Pine. You got totally ripped of desu

>> No.2749331

There's no way they actually have a registered trademark on Dragonslayer

>> No.2749370

I couldn't find their application for Dragonslayer, but I did find the application for Ashman. He only filed it back in September.

>> No.2749437

this. you can also try runing a couple bolts through metal brackets on either side (one through the handle the other through the blade) on top of that to add extra support but it might make it really uncomfortable to use and there's no guarantee it won't just break again even more catastrophically.

>> No.2749701
File: 2 KB, 125x121, draper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.2749883

You mean to tell me I can sell $10 of wood for $500 if I market it to weebs as a "training sword"???

You son of a bitch, I'm in

>> No.2749958


>> No.2749969

Look up Dorkmugger.

>> No.2749974

this bait was mastercrafted, well done on the (you)'s anon

>> No.2749977

I did that once and it worked. 8 years later I still think about it

>> No.2750010

lmaooooooo why does everyone in that pic look like a huge faggot

>> No.2750015

Allahu ackbar
salami lickem

>> No.2750632


>> No.2750647

Training swords training swords
I actually made a pair of Indian mace clubs from a piece of tree I found army a wildcat dump ( where people start just dumping trash, broken furnitur, any kind of old appliances TVs , matresses n boxframe, clothes etc.) on edge of town.
I actuallyhad a HF woodlathe gifted to me years ago but never used.
Well I used it and just mostly eyeballed it and came out with a great set of clubs. I just watched a few yowtube videos on how to use woodlathe and pow, now I can do basic shit.
I also made a very heavy club out of a very dense mesquite log I had that had cured in the sun for a few years.
Just used a handsaw, hatchet, woodchisels, big cabinet file, and sand paper.
Fileing and sandpaper took the longest. It was well worth it. Some places want to charge thousands for a pair not including shipping.
I am way beyond what I used to be in strength and agility and flexibility before I started club training four years ago

>> No.2750648


>> No.2750657

>It's already made
lmao ofc he probably cuts 10 of them at a time.

>> No.2750659

>Those unfinished/torn out holes
>Doesn't even look like he sanded the surface, clear grain tearing from construction lumber
>Cheapest yellow shellac finish

>> No.2751120

>hand selected grade 1 douglas fir

>> No.2751244

shit like this is why I visit /diy/, I hope someone screencaped this

>> No.2751391

I'll try and make some time tonight for a quality one, good thing this is a slow board

>> No.2751410

Ashman? More like Assman...

>> No.2752655
File: 92 KB, 1024x577, gay asf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Purchase any two hand-selected, grade 1 Douglas fir lumber swords before Valentine's Day and get a FREE bow and arrow set. It is said that only Robin Hood was able to master wielding this mastercrafted bow and arrow set.
(quill not included)

>> No.2752766

Does it come with a certificate of authenticity?

>> No.2752767

why would we be mad at you? we're laughing at your customers, you're playing the best trick I've seen in a while

>> No.2752772

No, but it comes with a $1 rebate for Kid Icarus on the NES.*

*Box only - game cartridge, instruction manual and strategy guide sold separately. Crafted from hand-selected grade 1 Douglas fir. Scratch & sniff eggplant sticker included!

>> No.2753398

Why is that worth $500? I really don't know.

>> No.2753414

>Leg day

>> No.2753480
File: 476 KB, 1077x2005, Screenshot_2024-02-04-04-42-06-760_com.github.adamantcheese.chan.dev-edit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>master fucking crafted
>Well worth the price
The universe gave you a chance when the first sword arrived already broken. You decided to disregard it and I hope the new one breaks too and breaks you in the process

>> No.2753489

more like log day

>> No.2753492

>This is a tool designed to make people stronger, not a weapon for harm or impact on hard surfaces
No. You're the tool.
>Slim Dragonslayers

>> No.2754332
File: 571 KB, 669x621, 1649462456277.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good one OP

>> No.2754449

Hee hee haha nigga

>> No.2755491

snap crackle plop

>> No.2756424
File: 260 KB, 737x514, Screenshot_2024-02-09_15-12-13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just placed my order.

>> No.2756607

>weebs paid $500 for a shitty plywood glued on 2x4

>> No.2756658

> positive publicity
He should have went to /a/ or /b/
This board is filled with people with woodworking equipment and sidegigs.

Its not "good publicity"
Its the sound of dollar signs popping up over peoples heads.

>> No.2757069

This is how Huwhite folx spend they cheddar.

>> No.2757116

500 bucks on a board. I think you got what you deserve. just saying.

>> No.2757128

>black nylons
Would bang

>> No.2757133

who spend 500 on a simple flat board ?? sense your that dumb you can buy another one , i will send you a new one for 450 cash

>> No.2757356
File: 190 KB, 499x499, 1685389409512986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a simple flat board
its a training sword

>> No.2757358
File: 32 KB, 473x582, blade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2757432

Kek the sheet cumstains are like cherry on top

>> No.2758505
File: 65 KB, 717x717, cool bug facts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can somebody else make up a screencap and post it? I want to save this shit but I can't be fucked

>> No.2758521

Lol no

>> No.2758969

It can't be this simple to scam weebs, i got to get in on this.

>> No.2759011

kino thread

>> No.2759055

Either warranty it because others pointed out the knot
Make ups pay for it
Or do a charge back if they refuse

Don't be a useless weeb next time, nobody carries a sword like that

>> No.2759196

first of all quality bait nigger
second you can litteraly buy actual real sharpened steel sword with which you can you can cut through a bulletproof vest and the man behind it for 300-400 eur you can even get fucking african sugar cane machetes for 50-100 eur what a scam lmao a sucker born every minute also for 500 you could have bought a oxcyetlnae oxygen welding set and gone to a junkyard and made a sword by yourself in whichever form you want with whichever weight you want

>> No.2759198

OP isn't even the worse I've seen on this board when it comes to weeb scamming

>> No.2759223

You don't actually need to register a trademark to put a tm. It's an informal form of trademarking. If it were registered it would have that R in the circle.

>> No.2759247

>I spent 500 bucks
retard thread

how do you get someone to buy a pine plank for stupid?

>> No.2759678

Best /diy/ thread in ages, well done all.

>> No.2760048

You are beyond help.

>> No.2761297
File: 31 KB, 474x474, 6938ce24efd11e1eed3db152d7b21405--wood-art-coming-soon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


pg 8 bump

I don't want this gem of a thread to die.

>> No.2761879

i will make a screencap tomorrow, i dont want to forget this thread

>> No.2761963

Oh God... so what are the ones on the left for?

>> No.2761969

are this grade 1 Douglas fur training stars they have to be at least $200

>> No.2761992
File: 261 KB, 1750x2500, 443b1a893aa75f7966a3413c86293078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

True, in the same way that picrel is "an informal way" of being a peace officer.

>> No.2762149
File: 445 KB, 968x928, 1539893017020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>two moar weeks

>> No.2762176

Nice has your strength improved since wielding the blade? Been thinking of getting one of these to help me get in shape, at 350lbs I have to use a scooter to get around and think this might help not sure if I'll be able to swing it sitting down.

>> No.2762288

Just keep swingin them monster hoagies into you gullet but start supplementing with man doses of laxitives
Youll tune up in no time fatty

>> No.2762306

I bought an actual great sword for 250, wtf are you doing buying a training sword for 500?

>> No.2763304

>I can neither get refund, replacement, or repair
You can always get a charge back if you paid with credit cards.

>> No.2763305

someone already said about figuring out a steel plate and screwing it in? I don't see any other way

>> No.2763308
File: 6 KB, 230x220, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> coming soon

>> No.2763313

Getting scammed into buying a broken walmart kitchen counter wouldn't have happed if you had STUDIED THE BLADE.

>> No.2763372

If you've actually read through this thread you will realize that OP is 100% serious and has already been given a replacement because he was too much of a pussy to go through with the charge back. See >>2744332

>> No.2763755
File: 3.61 MB, 2000x3800, diy a piece of fucking wood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok I did it

I'm not this anon btw this guy fucking lied

>> No.2763757

I sure love having splinters in my ass.

>> No.2764255
File: 413 KB, 640x783, 0qlf4d729bd81.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you anon. i still cant believe this thread is real. it plays out like a greek comedy

>> No.2765712

Ya gotta watch man the tiniest of pricks will still getcha

>> No.2765719

forge welding

>> No.2765802

I heard that shit isn't easy to do

>> No.2765819

>Just let me scam you and I'll send you another firewood sword
>It'll be extra knotty this time I swear

>> No.2765844

Hey man knots are strong
Have you ever tried to put a nail in one

>> No.2765845

Knots are hard and brittle

>> No.2765878

knots feel good when they pop in

>> No.2765882


>> No.2765889

This dork should have just swung a big metal pipe around like that autist on /fit/, but I guess that wouldn't feel like his heckin wholesome vidya

>> No.2765894

OP has given up. Wipes his boogers right on his bedsheets, doesn't even fix his fitted sheet. Bet the house is a cat piss-soaked ruin. A fool and his money are soon parted.

>> No.2765922

Op is the guy who makes the swords. He broke one, decided to larp as a nerd (probably wasn’t much of a stretch, probably posts on /fit/), and it probably paid off. I bet this drove a decent amount of traffic to his site and maybe even got him a sale or two