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Press F.

I have.

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I replaced my car's coolant thermostat the other day, once it's installed you turn a little plastic screw to bleed out air in the system. The thermostat is pretty far down in the engine bay so I used a long and somewhat sharp screw driver - gave the thing a bad turn and somehow punctured the plastic (and hollow) screw - causing coolant to trickle out. Luckily it was the same screw as the previous thermostat so it was quick to swap out, but it was a panicky three seconds before it occurred to me

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buy a torque wrench

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>Press F.
Uck you. I do what i want.

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did this on a power steering pump a few weeks ago. surprisingly the bolt was just some 10mm pack at NAPA. if you ever need help with a problem like this find the oldest fattest employee and talk to him, you'll either have your solution in 2 minutes or know to leave forever

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>oldest fattest employee
What if they're all young and thin?

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then you're not in a NAPA

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That Facebook mom meme doesn't make sense. Shouldn't it say "it becomes righty loosey"

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did this to my new water pump. i spent two days trying to get it out and just gave up and had it towed, i had no idea what i was doing and i still dont because i have had to deal with a broken bolt since thank god

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You think that's bad, I went in an AutoZone yesterday and the staff was entirely black women.

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thif anon is bafed